PrivacyCanada’s Research Hub

Welcome! This is the central hub for all of Privacy Canada’s research resources, where you can find plenty of educational material so you’re prepared for your web privacy needs. At Privacy Canada, we are dedicated to our mission, which is providing comprehensive resources for all Canadian citizens so they can enjoy the Internet with the anonymity and security they deserve.

We compiled this research hub together because it can be difficult to find worthwhile research sources when looking on your own. These days, it’s easy for someone to claim something on the Internet without having research to back it up. Below, you’ll find dedicated research from our team along with several VPN and Internet security reviews for your consideration.

Whatever we provide, we strive to be objective and accurate with our information. We also include several pages tracking the performance of VPN companies’ products. Check out our testing page to see how we test various web services or companies.

What Our Research Includes

In order to provide you with the best research regarding Internet privacy and security in Canada, we adhere to several main ideals. First and foremost: all of our research is clear and as objective as possible. Secondly: all of our research will include sources or links to our tracking studies so we can back up what we say. 

Many of our research documents or articles will include things like:

  • Speed analysis for various Canadian cities
  • live tracking for server uptime and downtime ratios or percentages
  • growth data and individual web statistics
  • any potential vulnerabilities or security issues for a privacy company

Using all of these metrics, we can dependably and confidently recommend certain privacy services. We can also tell you which services you should avoid based on your needs and concerns.

Even better, we’re always willing to talk to people who have questions about our research process and where we find our data. You can always contact our team or the writers of various articles on our contact page.  

Why We Include These Resources

Why go to all the trouble of including these educational resources? At Privacy Canada, we believe every Canadian citizen has the right to privacy on the Internet and should be armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to make that ideal a reality. That means that you need to have enough educational text to teach yourself what matters rather than listening to someone tell you what you should pick.

On a more practical side, we include these resources below as a way of proving our commitment to the privacy ideal.

Research Categories

Below, you’ll find several categories of research materials and knowledge articles. We’ve separated them according to their focus or interest to the reader, but everything should be valuable to those looking to boost their privacy and anonymity on the Internet.

Knowledge Hub

Our knowledge hub is the one-stop-shop for you can expand your VPN and privacy knowledge. The guides below are general and broad rather than specific, often having several examples for web VPN services or anonymity tips. However, the majority of our guides will also tell you how you can determine the best course of action for privacy while surfing the web.


Below, you can find our comparison lists for each of the top VPN services in Canada. Some of them might be superior to others overall, but lacking when it comes to a specific task you’re interested in. For example, Netflix, or Mac privacy. Let’s dig in:

Tools and Resources

The tools and resources category is designed to provide readers with the programs, plugins, and services you need to enhance your anonymity and privacy on the Internet. This section doesn’t have guides detailing the use of each of these tools – you’ll have more luck finding that in the section below – but they do include quick links to the tools themselves so you don’t have to Google for them.

Additionally, finding a tool on this list means that Privacy Canada thinks that the tool or resource is worth your while and isn’t a threat to your anonymity. It’s essentially a stamp of approval from our staff!

Step-by-Step Guides

These step-by-step guides will be a favorite for those who are just getting into Internet anonymity and you don’t know where to start. They tend to answer specific questions or problems rather than being general knowledge articles like in our first section.

Many of our guides are produced based on the questions we think people are asking most commonly. Again, you can contact our team and request a specific guide. If enough people seem to have the same question, we’ll draw up a guide so everyone knows how to use the tools we recommend and increase their privacy online.

Individual VPN Reviews

Finally, this section shows you a selection of specific reviews for privacy tools and VPN providers available to the Canadian public. This is a great resource if you are considering using a privacy tool but don’t know whether or not to take the plunge.

The detailed guides will go over everything, good or bad, and provide an objective opinion based on the feedback and experiences of our staff members. While your opinion may differ from ours from time to time, we’re confident that we can give you a solid recommendation on each of the possible privacy tools below.


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