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Trust.Zone VPN Review (2022)

Ludovic Rembert
Last Updated on March 29, 2022

Trust.Zone markets their service as being “The One You Can Count On.” That’s a significant promise, and on most fronts, this VPN service delivers.

However, they fall short of the most popular VPN providers in a few respects. This makes them a solid competitor, but not the best VPN for sophisticated users.Trust.Zone hits many of the right notes when it comes having the characteristics that consumers should look for in a VPN.

They make it possible for you to use the OpenVPN protocol, which pros regard as being unhackable.

Moreover, you have the safety of AES 256-bit encryption, another plus if you want to strengthen your protection.

This VPN has further benefits from having a company headquarters located in Seychelles. If you’ve never heard of it, Seychelles is an archipelago of more than 100 islands.

The surroundings are gorgeous, and the data retention laws are virtually nil. Best of all, Seychelles is located well beyond even the 14 Eyes spying alliance. This is especially important if you’re want to learn how to protect your privacy.

If you haven’t heard of the Five Eyes, the Nine Eyes or the 14 Eyes, perhaps it’s time that you did. Nations that are members of these alliances spy on each other’s citizens and share any intelligence they gather.

Naturally, these international spies are interested in what people do online. This means that if you aren’t using a VPN, someone could track your online activities. Your ISP always does so, and they may share that data.

A VPN company that has its headquarters outside of the 14 Eyes Network isn’t going to be sharing data (AFAICT). They are less likely to have laws regarding record-keeping. If you’re a privacy advocate, this is a good thing.

Trust.Zone is a smaller VPN provider in that their server network is limited. Moreover, it’s the only client is designed for Windows. If you’re running another operating system, you’ll have to do a lot of configuring on your own.

Trust.Zone VPN Overview

Usability:Very easy to use
Logging Policy:No logging policy
Server Size:130++ servers
Server Distribution:32 countries
Support:Ticket system
VPN protocol and encryption:OpenVPN and L2TP; 256-Bit AES encryption
Official Website:

Security and Encryption

Using a VPN is pointless if the provider isn’t offering you the best protection and encryption. Lesser VPN providers stumble in this category. They provide outdated VPN protocols, weak encryption and allow data leaks. If you’re interested in what characteristics do some of the highest-quality VPNs have, you should take a look at a VPN basics guide.

The good news here is that Trust.Zone doesn’t have issues in this area. However, they don’t offer as many options as other companies when it comes to protocols.

trustzone safety

What matters is that one of the protocols that they have is dependable and recommended. Known as OpenVPN, cybersecurity experts around the world developed this protocol. This makes it the best when it comes to establishing a safe tunnel between your computer and the Internet.

Moreover, the OpenVPN protocol comes with AES 256-bit encryption. This is the combination that’s favored by governments, militaries and multinational corporations. If they can trust their life-and-death secrets to this system, you can bet on the safety of your private data.

Trust.Zone VPN’s Server Network

This is one of the most critical metrics to consider when you’re choosing a VPN. The more servers a VPN provider boasts, the better the services you’re likely to receive.

Having an abundance of servers means that there’s plenty of bandwidth. Instead of being crammed onto a server with many others, you’ll have plenty of bandwidth available. This translates to much faster data transfer rates.

globe connecting network vector

Additionally, the more robust a server network is, the more likely you are to find a server that’s relatively close to your actual location. This also means faster data transfer rates. A bonus is that you’re more likely to find an available, local server when you’re on the road.

Currently, Trust.Zone provides almost 130 servers in just over 30 countries. Compare that to more great, better-known VPNs, and you’ll quickly see that this network is tiny.

Many of the top VPNs have systems that include 3,000 to 5,000 servers located on six continents. No matter where you go, you’ll find plenty of bandwidth.

Nonetheless, Trust.Zone’s server network is distributed reasonably well all over the world. They cover North America and Europe extensively. Their presence is less noticeable in South America and Asia, but they are there. Servers are located in South Africa, Hong Kong, India, and China.

Is Trust.Zone VPN Compatible with BitTorrent or P2P?

Peer-to-peer file sharing is a favorite way to share information, with a user downloading small bits of data from several other users. Some VPNs are more compatible with this practice than others. There are VPNs that either ban or curtail your ability to torrent. Another thing that can help you improve your file sharing is using only the best torrent sites out there.

Trust.Zone is not one of these. Any of their servers may be used for torrenting, making them one of the better VPNs out there for people who love file sharing. However, you should beware if you live in a location where torrenting is illegal.

Surprisingly, Trust.Zone worked reasonably well with Netflix. This is rare for VPNs. Netflix blocks streaming for many people who browse with a VPN.

This is because the streaming giant has numerous contracts that dictate where people can see specific programs. U.S. Netflix isn’t available in Canada and vice versa. However, you can watch Netflix with a VPN and get around those geo-restrictions by making it look like you’re browsing from the country whose version of Netflix you want to view.

To stay in line with its contracts, Netflix blocks VPN users from logging on. Some VPN services have found ways around this restriction and Trust.Zone is one of them.

Speed Test Results with Trust.Zone VPN

Speed loss is the inevitable price that you pay when using a VPN. The elite VPNs perform with little noticeable speed loss. The bargain-basement providers will slow down your data transfer rates to almost nothing.

Then, there’s a stable full of reliable workhorses that are slower than browsing without a VPN but not as quick as the best VPNs. In case you’re already using a similar service, you can learn how to test your VPN strength quite easily.

speed test vector

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with these providers. While Trust.Zone’s speed test results were not impressive; they also are nowhere near the most disappointing. However, there are much faster services out there.

Speed tests were run on two different servers. One was located in the EU with the other being in the US. Benchmark downloads before turning on Trust.Zone was 97 Mbps. Uploads clocked in at 53 Mbps.

Trust.Zone’s EU server brought a bit of a slowdown. Downloads were now 68.46 Mbps while uploads were 46.12 Mbps.

Things were a bit slower in the U.S. Here; downloads were rated as 60.61 Mbps with uploads coming in at 36.75 Mbps.

These speeds aren’t exactly blistering, but they are acceptable. If you like other parts of Trust.Zone’s services, you’ll probably do fine. Still, much faster VPNs are out there.

Does Trust.Zone VPN Keep Logs?

This is one of the categories in which Trust.Zone excels. Their location in Seychelles certainly supports their effort to provide an anonymous browsing experience for their customers.

Of course, many VPNs boast that they have a no logging policy. This is supposed to mean that your VPN does not keep any sort of record regarding your personal information, up to and including your name, address, phone number, and email address.

trustzone logging policy

Just as importantly, a VPN that truly adheres to a no logging policy does not keep files regarding your devices, when you connect to the VPN, the ISP you are using, which websites you visit, what you do while you are online or your social media activity.

After all, isn’t being anonymous and stopping DNS leaks the point of using a VPN? You don’t want just anyone to be able to track your online movements, not necessarily because what you’re doing is wrong, but because it just isn’t anyone else’s business.

Also, keep in mind that a VPN and a no logging policy are designed to help protect you from hacks and other cyber attacks. If someone saves the logs, then this purpose is defeated.

Luckily for users of Trust.Zone, they have a sound no logging policy. It is spelled out in the company’s Privacy Policy. In everyday language, while they may keep your email address so they can communicate with you, they hold no other data.

How Much Does Trust.Zone VPN Cost?

Monthly subscriptions to Trust.Zone cost just $6.99. This is cheaper than some other options, but you should remember that Trust.Zone’s server network is limited.

TrustZone pricing table

Also, only three simultaneous connections are allowed, compared to the industry standard of five. Upgrading to five connections raises the price by $3.99 per month.

The three-month subscription costs $14.85, and the one-year subscription runs $39.95. A free, three-day trial is available if you want to take the service for a test drive.

Trust.Zone has genuinely good qualities. However, these characteristics cannot overcome a small server network and the fact that the service is optimized only for Windows.

Anyone running a different operating system is going to have to configure the VPN for themselves. If you’re using all Windows, then we do recommend Trust.Zone as a good VPN. If you’re on a different operating system—well, you might want to pull your sleeves up, because you’re going configuration mode.

The reality is, not all devices run on Windows. So if you need more options that work with other operating systems, then check out our review of NordVPN and Surfshark. These two giants have remained to be at the top of every best VPN list for years, and for many good reasons. See for yourself.

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