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Perfect Privacy Review

Ludovic Rembert
Last Updated on March 29, 2022

If your goal was to protect your home, its contents and its occupants, then you would want to get the best home security system that you could buy. The same is true when you want to protect your data and your identity in an increasingly threatening online environment.

This is why more people are deciding to use a VPN every time they go online. They have learned that it is the best way to hide their IP address so that no one can spy on them and to protect themselves from hackers. Naturally, they want the best VPN that they can find.

Companies like NordVPN and Surfshark get a lot of good press, and there are solid reasons for this. These are reputable companies that offer excellent VPN services at competitive prices.

However, in recent years Perfect Privacy VPN has been making a name for itself. This Switzerland-based company is grabbing headlines with its security-centric approach and innovative developments.

Is Perfect Privacy the right VPN for you? A thorough review of the company and its offerings will help you make a wise decision. Let’s get to it.

What is Perfect Privacy?

Perfect Privacy is the brainchild of Vectura Datamanagement Limited Company, which is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. The VPN portion of their operations has been in existence since 2008. According to the company’s website, a “Technical Implementation” office located in Panama is responsible for some VPN management.

It also may be worth noting that searching online for Vectura Datamanagement Limited Company reveals that there is a branch office in Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. This is a branch office that appears to be responsible for certain payment processes, especially with regard to PayPal.

Technically, the breakdown is that the company’s legal headquarters are in Switzerland while its head office is found in Panama and the US location only pertains to PayPal payments and an app listing in the Google Play Store.


Perfect Privacy may not be the most well-known VPN, but it still has a great deal going for it. In fact, its list of “Pros” is fairly extensive:

  • Innovative Security: Perfect Privacy VPN recently introduced NeuroRouting in which traffic is dynamically routed through multiple sites in the network
  • Robust Obfuscation: Perfect Privacy offers Stealth VPN technology that makes all traffic appear to be typical HTTPS traffic that is not being transmitted with a VPN. This is helpful in places where use of VPNs is frowned upon or not permitted
  • Outstanding Encryption and Security Protocols: Make use of OpenVPN with its industry-standard 256-bit encryption. IPSEC, SSH, SOCKS5 and PPTP also are available
  • Excellent Ad Blocker: Perfect Privacy uses their proprietary TrackStop filter to get rid of all sorts of advertisements and malware
  • Zero Log Policy: With its zero logs policy, Perfect Privacy VPN keeps things simple and straightforward
  • No Leaks: Comprehensive testing revealed no DNS leaks, promising a trouble-free browsing experience
  • First-rate Kill Switch: This is a critical feature if you want to fully protect yourself when you’re online. Fortunately, Perfect Privacy has a kill switch that works like a charm.
  • Easy to Use: Even a novice will have no problem getting connected to the Internet via Perfect Privacy


While this Perfect Privacy review shows that there is plenty to recommend this service, it is not completely perfect. Here is a brief look at some of this VPN’s shortcomings.

  • Few Bells and Whistles: If you are a sophisticated VPN user who expects lots of advanced functionality, look elsewhere. This is a pretty bare-bones service
  • Outdated Interface: While some of the top VPNs really excel at staying on the cutting edge, this one seems a bit outmoded
  • Limited Server Network: With 55 servers in 24 countries, this VPN has a hard time competing with services that offer thousands of servers located in virtually every country around the globe
  • Expensive: While not necessarily outrageous, the price does seem high considering the level of features and limited server network
  • Spotty Performance with Netflix: If your primary goal while online is streaming, this may not be your first choice. Most servers were not able to successfully connect to Netflix
  • Limited Options for Mac, iOS and Android: People using Windows or Linux will be ready to go with Perfect Privacy VPN. All others will have to jump through hoops to get configured

With the preliminaries out of the way, it’s time to take a more detailed look at some of the most critical metrics that anyone must consider when choosing a VPN. Readers will note that the overall impression of Perfect Privacy VPN is a positive one, though it is not necessarily the best choice for all users.

Headquarters and Server Network

As noted above, Perfect Privacy’s parent company has a presence in Switzerland, Panama and the U.S. Those who are in-the-know will like the idea of a Panama-based VPN. This is because Panama is a relatively isolated country that is not subject to any of the multi-national spying accords to which other countries subscribe, such as the Five Eyes or the 14 Eyes.

Switzerland also may sound like a reliable place to base a VPN. After all, Swiss banks are noted for their dedication to privacy, and the country has several strong privacy laws in place like the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance.

That all seems promising, but privacy advocates may be concerned about Switzerland’s close relationships with countries that belong to networks like the Five Eyes. Would Swiss officials with the company truly not share any data that they have? Strict advocates for anonymity might quarrel about this.

Also, the U.S. location for payment processing may raise another red flag for die-hard anonymity advocates.

On the Perfect Privacy website, the company says that they do not use virtual servers. Instead, bare-metal servers are utilized in all 24 countries. Most of these servers are located in Europe in countries like the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France, Denmark and Romania.

The U.S., Canada and the U.K. have a handful of servers each. Singapore, Japan, Israel, Russia, Turkey and China also are included on the list.

Perfect Privacy VPN Manager

It’s not the most comprehensive server network by a long shot. Nonetheless, it may be adequate for your purposes, especially if at least one or two of these servers is relatively close to your actual location.

Perfect Privacy’s Speed

Using a VPN is always going to slow down data transfer rates due to the data traveling much further. However, a top VPN slows down your browsing much less noticeably than one that offers inferior services.

Speed testing on Perfect Privacy revealed unimpressive results. To be clear, these results were by far not the slowest, but there are other services that are certainly faster like NordVPN.

For those of you who aren’t new to the VPN game, you know that speed varies based on numerous factors. This means that your results with Perfect Privacy are unlikely to be identical to these. Nonetheless, the speed test results provide you with some objective data.

Before turning on Perfect Privacy VPN, our system was putting up some reliable baselines.

Perfect privacy baseline speed

As you can see, downloads were running at 98.71 Mbps with uploads at 53 Mbps.

Connecting to Perfect Privacy changed things a bit. Using a server in the Netherlands, downloads were now 62.21 Mbps while uploads were 18.62 Mbps—a 36.9% speed decrease.

Perfect privacy speed test netherlands

These aren’t the worst speed test results, but they are certainly not the best either. Connecting to a server in New York was even less impressive at a 66.7% decline, with downloads clocking in at 32.78 Mbps and uploads measuring 33.27 Mbps.

Perfect privacy speed test New York

A server in London delivered some more promising rates with downloads of 69.92 Mbps, but uploads were a sad 8.87 Mbps.

Perfect privacy speed test London

Of course, it was necessary to test the Perfect Privacy VPN multi-hop configurations. Designed to grant you even more online privacy and anonymity, this technology “hops” your signal through several servers. While very private, it does slow things down.

A triple hop between Frankfurt, Copenhagen and Calais yielded downloads of 33.84 Mbps and uploads of 5.55 Mbps.

Perfect privacy speed test Frankfurt, Copenhagen and Calais

Obviously, we traded some speed for the sake of security. If it’s a matter of life and death, this would definitely be worthwhile. All things considered, the data transfer rates on the triple hop weren’t that bad.

Security and Encryption

It’s hard to find fault with the security measures that Perfect Privacy has put in place. OpenVPN is among the best VPN protocols today. It is currently unhackable, and it seems certain to remain so for at least a few more decades. This protocol provides you with 256-bit encryption. This combination is so outstanding that it is used the world over by governments and military agencies.

Perfect Privacy also gives you the option of letting your web traffic take multiple “hops” to provide you with extra layers of security. If it’s vital that no one knows what you do online, then this service is essential.

Moreover, the TrackStop filter is excellent at preventing all sorts of ads and malware from getting to your system. It stops unwanted items at the VPN server level, which keeps you protected and secure.

Additional security considerations include the fact that no IP or DNS leaks were detected during testing. The kill switch also appeared to be in perfect working order, so you won’t have to worry about Perfect Privacy leaving you high and dry during a browsing session.

Privacy Policy

Perfect Privacy has a solid VPN logging policy that appears to protect the user in almost every respect. The policy states that the company keeps the login credentials, the expiration date of the account and the email address of each user. It notes that it is acceptable to use an anonymous email provider. No other identifying data is retained.

Perfect Privacy policy

This minimal record keeping seems in line with the company’s policy of not keeping logs. Specifically, Perfect Privacy states that they do not track IP address, login times or the duration of connections. They do look at general server performance to identify potential technical problems, but they claim that this does not enable them to identify individual users.

Streaming Netflix

If your main purpose for spending time online is to stream with Netflix, then pay special attention to this portion of this Perfect Privacy review. That’s because this is definitely not the best VPN for Netflix.

Perhaps this is because Perfect Privacy places a premium on anonymity and hiding your IP address. Making certain that you can stream your favorite shows in any jurisdiction that you choose is not among their stated goals.

Accordingly, testing for streaming Netflix on five different servers yielded some fairly poor results. Servers in the U.S., across Canada and in the U.K. could not deliver. One server in the Netherlands did work for a bit, but that is not enough of an endorsement to say that Perfect Privacy VPN is a slam-dunk for streaming success.

Plans and Pricing

Perfect Privacy is relatively expensive, especially when considering that the service lacks much in the way of advanced features. A month-to-month plan runs $12.99 per month. Opting for a one-year package costs $119.99, a price that works out to $9.99 per month. The two-year package offers some savings at $214.95. That calculates to just $8.95 per month.

Perfect privacy plans

In favor of Perfect Privacy, the service does let you connect an unlimited number of devices, something that is relatively rare in the VPN marketplace. However, there are other VPN providers that offer far more in the way of features and functionality for a far more competitive price.

Customer Service

Sterling customer support is rare but not impossible to find in VPNs. Perfect Privacy has a customer service track record that puts it in the middle of the pack. Worse support systems are definitely out there, but if you are the kind of person who expects immediate answers, this may not be the right VPN for you.

The FAQ section is fine if you have a really basic question or concern. Likewise, the forum can be a good place to get some direction if you’re a bit stuck. If you need solutions for a more complex issue, then you have to send an email to customer support.

Response times can be several hours long. This may be frustrating, but there is good news too. Rather than providing copy-and-paste or automated answers, the support emails appear to come from actual people who ask further questions and provide helpful answers.

It’s not the best customer support out there but it can be sufficient for most users.


Q: Can you be tracked if you use a VPN?

A: If you use a reputable, reliable VPN, then no one should be able to track your online movements. The VPN must not allow IP address and DNS leaks. Use only a well-known and well-reviewed VPN to ensure this.

Q: What is the most secure VPN?

A: Perfect Privacy is among the most secure VPN providers. Other services offer similar security protections with even more robust features and more competitive pricing.

Q: Can my Internet provider see my VPN?

A: While an Internet provider, or ISP, may be able to detect that you’re using a VPN, they should not be able to see any data regarding which websites you visit, what you do there and how much time you spend on each one. This ensures that you are enjoying an anonymous experience that your ISP cannot spy on.

Q: Can a VPN be hacked?

A: Hacking a VPN is theoretically possible. However, security is the name of the game for any VPN provider. This means that many of them take extraordinary precautions to protect their servers and all of their data.

This also is another reason why so many VPN services try to avoid keeping records or logs. If they don’t have the data, then hackers won’t be able to find anything of value.

Once again, it is important to select a reputable, highly reviewed VPN to ensure that proper security measures are in place. Similarly, people who are seeking the best password manager will want to keep the same considerations in mind.

Final Thoughts

This Perfect Privacy review has demonstrated that this VPN service does have shortcomings from only having a few servers, relatively expensive, not as fast as other VPNs, and has some trouble streaming Netflix.

Nonetheless, many of these issues would seem inconsequential to a lot of users. If you just want to protect your privacy and anonymity, then you can’t go wrong with Perfect Privacy. This company has already produced some innovative protections for users, and it seems logical to expect more in the future.

Perfect Privacy VPN offers the most trusted protocols, AES 256-bit encryption, an easy-to-understand interface and respectable customer support. If these metrics are among your primary considerations, then you may be delighted with Perfect Privacy VPN.

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