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Install VPN on Router

A virtual private network, better known as VPN, is a system that routes all of your online traffic through a secure, encrypted channel rather than

Unblock Snapchat

Over the last few years, Snapchat has become one of the most popular messaging and social networking tool, especially among teens and

Fix Netflix Proxy Error

The Netflix streaming library changes on a regular basis. You’ll often see new television shows and movies get added to the available collection, while

Test Your VPN Strength

A virtual private network (VPN) client can be a very valuable tool. It can connect any internet-enabled device, like a computer, tablet or smartphone,

Online Privacy: 11 Ways To Protect Yourself in 2019 (and Beyond)

Saying “online privacy” often sounds like an oxymoron given the opposing nature of those two words. It is similar to trying to argue the possible existence of a cold fire or hot ice. In translation, it stands for something counterintuitive and improbable.

Internet Safety: How to Keep Teens and Kids Safe Online

The internet poses a major challenge for parents. Today’s generation of kids is the first to be growing up with smartphones and social media as a part of their everyday life. Access to such a wide range of information is a extremely powerful tool, but it comes with a set or risks and dangers.

DNS Leak: What Is It and How Can You Stop It?

A Domain Name System, or DMS, is simply a decentralized naming system for services and computers that are connected to the internet. In other words, the DNS is used to connect your IP address with the website domain. Whenever you enter a web name, it is sent to a DNS server

Is Torrenting Illegal? Safe? Definitive 2019 Guide

These days, the practice of torrenting has a negative connotation in the online world. When people hear the word “torrent,” they immediately think of illegal downloads and internet piracy. The reality is that torrenting is simply a network protocol that can be used for a variety of digital activities.

The Complete Guide to Proxy Servers (vs. VPN Services)

A proxy server connects to the internet in place of your computer. In other words, all the data generated by a browsing session passes from your computer, through the proxy server on the way out to internet and also back through the proxy server on the return trip to your computer.