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It isn’t a stretch to say your entire online life is being watched. From the second an internet browser is booted up, you agree to let corporate entities and Justin Trudeau watch, track, and record your every move. Sorry, Justin, we really just mean government entities. You will find all the tools and information you need to be secure online here. Defeat online censorship and maintain your privacy while sipping on your two-four.


Canadian Privacy News

China Possibly Exporting Surveillance Infrastructure

China Possibly Exporting Surveillance Infrastructure

China has been in the news a lot recently, from the possibility of the CoronaVirus source to its slow creep into Hong Kong. This time they are in the news for something that they’ve gotten heat for before in the past; surveillance Most...

Privacy Commissioner Writes to Parliamentary Committees

Privacy Commissioner Writes to Parliamentary Committees

Last month, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada shared with two parliamentary committees his response to an information request on the privacy implications of the federal government's recent COVID exposure notification app (COVID Alert) and the...

Ever Shuts Down Over Privacy Concerns

Ever Shuts Down Over Privacy Concerns

If you’re not familiar with Ever it is, or we should say, was, a cloud storage app for photos. According to Ever, the reason behind their closing down is increased competition from Google and Apple, who tout their own, more robust cloud...

Private Sector Privacy Law Considered

Private Sector Privacy Law Considered

Given the recent Coronavirus pandemic, everything has started to move to the digital world, and we’re finding ourselves reliant on policies that aren’t ready to handle this new weight. A perfect example is the federal Personal Information...

VPN Reviews

Use a VPN. Honestly, just do it. Whenever and wherever you go online without a VPN, you broadcast to the world your unique IP address, internet provider, and geographic location. This allows any third party to identify you online. Don’t be identified online! Bad things happen.

Luckily, when you use a VPN (a virtual private network), your real IP address and location will be replaced by the VPN server’s IP address. This also lets you appear to be in a different location, which makes you feel like you’re on vacation.


A VPN will also create a secure and encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN server you use. Boom, all of a sudden your online activity is anonymous, your data is secure from evil third parties, and you’re able to get around online restrictions and censorship. Hello, Netflix, outside of Canada.

If you are new to VPNs or a VPN veteran, NordVPN is a fantastic choice because it is simple, user-friendly, and their support is amazing – and offered 24/7. Here are our reviews of the best VPNs for Canadians.

Additional Privacy Resources

In addition to the main (essential) guides and news at the top of this page, below are some additional resources:

Privacy guides:

  1. Google Alternatives – A complete list of alternatives for all Google products
  2. Danger of Public Wifi – Why you should avoid connecting to public wifi 
  3. Browser Fingerprinting – Risks of browser fingerprinting explained
  4. The 10 Most Dangerous Cyber Security Risks in 2020 – How to avoid losing your data
  5. Protect Your Business from Hackers – 20 steps to keep your business safe and secure
  6. Canadian Data Privacy – Laws and facts you didn’t know about (and you should)
  7. How Facebook and Google Use Your Data – Makes you think twice about clicking ‘I agree’

Advanced Privacy Guides:

  1. Complete eSafety Guide for Children – How to protect your kids online
  2. List of the biggest data breaches since 1990 – All the times billion-dollar companies were hacked

VPN Guides:

  1. What Is a VPN – Everything you want to know about virtual private networks
  2. Best VPN for Netflix – Which VPNs to use for streaming Netflix around the world
  3. Best VPNs for Mac – Apple user? Here’s how to stay safe at all times
  4. Best Cheap VPN – You don’t need to break the bank to get a decent VPN
  5. Best VPNs for Kodi – Maximum speed & security while streaming
  6. VPN Logging Policies – Who saves your seemingly safe data while you’re using a VPN?
  7. Best VPN for Android – Android users can also hide their online identity
  8. Best VPN for Windows – Some VPNs are better suited for Windows than others
  9. Best VPN for Iphone – iOS users, come aboard – we tested the best VPNs for your devices
  10. Best VPN for Streaming – Need to unblock a streaming service? There are perfect VPNs designed just for that

VPN Reviews and Comparisons:

  1. Perfect Privacy Review – A secure and private VPN service, located in Switzerland
  2. Windscribe VPN Review – Run far away (and fast)
  3. VyprVPN Review – Good privacy with unreliable speeds
  4. NordVPN vs ExpressVPN – In-depth comparison of two big players
  5. NordVPN vs PIA – Both are popular, but one of them is simply better
  6. TorGuard VPN Review –  Huge network & slow speeds
  7. Trust.Zone VPN Review – Great privacy but extremely slow
  8. Avira Phantom VPN – Suffers slow transfer rates, but security and encryption are quite reliable
  9. Turbo VPN – Chinese-based and mobile-only equals a bad bet for anyone seeking privacy
  10. SaferWeb  – Offers encryption but little else, especially regarding privacy
  11. Total VPN Review – Secure VPN protocols, but poor service
  12. Ivacy VPN Review –  Low pricing, but privacy concerns

Password Manager Reviews:

  1. LastPass Review – Can you still trust them this year?
  2. 1Password Review – A fully-featured password manager ideal for businesses and teams

Home Security Reviews:

  1. Best Security Cameras – Keep track of anyone who could trespass
  2. ADT Home Security System Review – An industry leader, and for a good reason
  3. Frontpoint Security Review – User-friendly and reliable
  4. Vivint Home Security Review – Monthly fees instead of a one-time purchase

Recommended Privacy Setup

  1. Private and secure browser: Tor Browser
  2. VPN service: ExpressVPN or NordVPN
  3. Ad blocker: AdBlock
  4. Secure email: ProtonMail or MailFence
  5. Secure Messenger: Signal
  6. Private search engine: Search Encrypt or DuckDuckGo
  7. Password manager: Dashlane or LastPass


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