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About Privacy Canada

At Privacy Canada, we believe in a world where individuals can maintain and own their digital identities. We help research tools and information for Canadians to better understand the ever changing landscape of digital privacy and protection. Written by Canadians for Canadians. Privacy Canada was original a server database for secure transactions and communications. We have since moved all sensitive communication and document-sharing to Signal, Wire, Tutanota and Tresorit.

Our Team

LudovicLudovic Rembert

Hi, I’m Ludovic. I created this site as a consumer resource to help fellow Canadians better understand the changing world of cyber security. Before creating this resource I saw two fundamental problems with the B2B consumer privacy industry. First, education – the majority of people don’t realize the importance of their own data. Second, nefarious marketing practices – there are a wide array of self proclaimed security solutions that are doing nothing other than brokering user data without consent.

I currently reside in Montreal working for Symantec on a contract basis. In a previous life, I fixed and rebuilt 64-bit Ubuntu desktops as a side gig, and eventually I transitioned over to working almost entirely in Debian, my current distro of choice. My focus was on bug discovery in various FOSS applications, and to this day I still enjoy hunting for bugs. 🕵 🕷

On another note – I maintain a globally reachable IPv6 address block and network at my home residence where run several web-services to easily exchange data with friends or peers. My setup is 12 GB of DDR3 ram, a 1 TB hard disk, quad-core processor, two networking interfaces, an Oracle VirtualBox, VyOS (routing software), using a Freenet6 account. This is more for my own entertainment, though I’m always happy to help others with their own IPv6 home setup!

Special Thanks to the Following Contributors:

  • Dale Martin – Dale has been kind enough to help with some of our VPN tests for the past several years. If you have any questions about the results included in our reviews and analyses, he’s the guy to talk to.
  • Dan Magouta – I met Dan in Beijing another lifetime ago. Dan has helped edit some of the guides on this site, including the Proxy Server Basics guide, as well as our Beginner’s Guide to using The Onion Router.

ColinColin Murray

Hey everyone. I’m Colin. I started this site with Ludovic and help him with various odds and ends network engineering gigs. Although this site is aimed more towards consumer privacy topics, feel free to message me anytime if you’d like to join our Slack channel.

Warning: Almost always OoO. These days, I’m not in the office. In fact, I don’t have any fixed abode. No house. No office. Nothing. I travel around the world, working from remote locations. And while I’m still writing for Privacy Canada, testing and reviewing security applications, hosting PC events, I’m also working on some personal projects at the same time. Think of it as a semi-sabbatical with no end in sight. That’s awesome for me but doesn’t make the prospects of reaching me in a timely fashion particularly good. Sorry about that!

📸 I’m also a part-time photography wannabe. My home base is Ottawa, Ontario. 🇨🇦

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