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About Privacy Canada

At Privacy Canada, we believe in a world where individuals can maintain and own their digital identities. We help research tools and information for Canadians to better understand the ever changing landscape of digital privacy and protection. Written by Canadians for Canadians. Privacy Canada was original a server database for secure transactions.

Our Team

LudovicHi, I’m Ludovic. I created this site as a consumer resource to help fellow Canadians better understand the changing world of cyber security. Before creating this resource I saw two fundamental problems with the B2B consumer privacy industry. First, education – the majority of people don’t realize the importance of their own data. Second, nefarious marketing practices – there are a wide array of self proclaimed security solutions that are doing nothing other than brokering user data without consent.

I currently reside in Montreal working for Symantec on a contract basis. Originally I worked on an 64-bit Ubuntu desktops since 2006, eventually I transitioned over to Debian in late 2012. My focus was on bug discovery in both of those distros.

On another note – I maintain a globally reachable IPv6 network at my residence where I used to run several web-services to easily exchange data with friends or peers.

Special Thanks to the Following Contributors:

  • Dale Martin – Dale has been kind enough to help with some of our VPN tests.
  • Dan Magouta – I met Dan in Beijing another lifetime ago. Dan has helped edit some of the guides on this site.

ColinHey everyone. I’m Colin and work part time at Symantec. I started this site with Ludovic. Although this site is aimed more towards consumer privacy topics, feel free to message me anytime if you’d like to join our Slack channel.

I’m also a part-time photography wannabe. Currently residing in Ottawa, Ontario.