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Best VPNs for Android

Ludovic Rembert
Last Updated on June 6, 2024
Best VPN for Android

Time for a love story. You finally meet the person you’ve been waiting for. Just one look and you know you have the rest of your life figured out.

They’ll be introduced to mom, you’ll travel together, share memories.

You find the courage to ask them for their number and boom, you’re in.

They get home and tell all of their friends about the great person they just met. Then it happens, the moment they fear the most. They receive a text, and it comes up green.

They realize you’re using an Android phone.

Well, even if dreams are crushed, Android users like you still need to figure out the best protection for their devices online.

More so than ever, our private information is being shared online, sometimes without us knowing, making practicing internet safety extremely important.

A VPN is an effective way to make sure that your activity online is protected no matter where you may be. If you’re looking for security for your android device, you’ve come to the right place.

Below we’ll break down the best VPNs for Android for making sure you stay protected no matter where in the world you might be.

1. NordVPN – Best Overall

NordVPN, the top overall choice on our list, stands out as the best VPN for Android due to its high-end security measures and an extensive amount of servers.

With over 5,500 servers in almost 60 countries, you’ll be able to have protection no matter where you might be traveling.

And not just protection, but you’ll be able to really customize your internet experience by having your choice of different servers in each area you’re in.


  • 24/7 customer service
  • Great privacy and security measures
  • Large server count


  • Inconsistent download speeds
  • Limited amount of devices per account

They use an algorithm that, based on your location or special requirements, will fit you with the best option.

When it comes to security, NordVPN uses a kill-switch to give you a last line of defense against anything that could be harmful. This feature will monitor your connection to the VPN server.

If something were to go wrong and you lost connection, this kill switch would block any apps (of your choosing) from accessing the internet.

This will keep all of your private data safe, so even an event of a misconnection, NordVPN has your back. Simply put, NordVPN is the best VPN for Android.

Doubled Security

NordVPN also uses an extra layer of security and privacy with its “double VPN” feature.

When you’re connected to a VPN, your traffic goes through a VPN server which encrypts your data and changes your IP address so it’s not accessible to anyone trying to reach it. With the double VPN, it’s all encrypted a second time.

Your data and activities are not hidden behind just one server, but two. Your service provider cannot even see your activity on the web, giving a completely private experience.


Aside from the large server list and security measures, NordVPN offers fair pricing and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you realize this VPN isn’t for you.

They also often have special offers on 3-year plans available, which can make the service as low as $3.49 a month. For their standard pricing, it’s $4.99 for a 2-year plan and $6.99 for 1 year.

Month to month, it will cost $11.95 (per month). While it’s not the lowest on this list, it’s certainly affordable considering what it offers.

2. Surfshark – Best for Multiple Devices

Surfshark, the second choice on our best VPN for Android list, has both the features and price to back up this distinction.

It has servers in over 60 countries all around the world and offers high-end security along with some of the best VPNs on the market.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Does not track data
  • Supported for torrenting
  • High-end security
  • Good for streaming


  • Limited servers
  • Newcomer to the VPN market

One of the features that lands Surfshark as a top choice is the ability to have unlimited devices connected to one account.

Many VPN services are able to connect to 5 or 6 devices at a time. Surfshark is great if you have a multitude of devices, both personal and work, or have a family you want to keep protected online.

Even if you don’t actively browse online, apps are still pulling data, so making sure each connected device is protected is an added bonus of this service.

Surfshark Emphasizes Security and Privacy

Aside from their Whitewhistler feature, which allows split-tunneling, Surfshark makes sure to never track or log any data from the user, allowing complete privacy with its service.

This includes browser history, IP addresses, Network traffic, and timestamps.

It keeps zero track of what you’re doing online, so you stay completely private from anyone and everyone. Surfshark also uses a camouflage mode, so your internet provider won’t even know you’re using a best Android VPN.

CleanWeb Feature for Blocking Ads and Malware

For security, Surfshark has a CleanWeb feature, a technology that will block ads or malware that may be harmful to your device.

Aside from solving the annoyance of pop-up ads, this feature will stop the user from clicking on any links that could be compromised.

It will also stop any attempts at phishing, keeping you completely safe from anything malicious while online.

Whether it’s for privacy, servers, security, or torrenting, Surfshark is an all-around package VPN for your Android device.


Pricing is really where Surfshark excels. While the pricing month to month does not vary much from other services, the long term commitments have some serious savings.

Also, if you aren’t satisfied with Surfshark, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a 2-year subscription, it will cost $2.49 per month. That’s seriously low! For a one year plan, it’s $4.98 per month and will run you $12.95 if you just sign up month to month.

3. ExpressVPN – Best for Traveling

The last option on our best Android VPN list is likely the one you have heard of if you have friends that use a VPN.

ExpressVPN is great for traveling. While it only has 160 server options, those servers are located in 160 countries around the world.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Advanced privacy and security
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Ability to self-test speed


  • A limited number of devices per account
  • Unsubstantial discount on long-term commitments

When it comes to privacy, ExpressVPN separates itself from other services by using its own private domain name system, also known as DNS.

Since they have their own server, there are no third parties involved at all. Everything is secure within the ExpressVPN network. This also means there are absolutely no logs of what you’re doing online.

Some services will encrypt your data, but leave any DNS requests unprotected. ExpressVPN uses its 256-bit encrypted DNS for the ultimate private service.

Great Speed for Streaming

ExpressVPN is also a great option for streaming, as they boast some of the highest speeds of any VPN service.

They actually offer a self-speed test for users. This feature will break down each server by download speed, latency, and speed index, which is the rate of data transfer.

ExpressVPN will rank each server by the highest connection speed and give you stats and suggestions on which you should connect to.

As far as security, ExpressVPN also offers network protection for Android VPN users. With this kill switch like mechanism, your data stays protected no matter what.

This means that even if there was an issue that caused you to lose connection to the VPN, all the apps requests access to the internet would be halted.

This is a great last line of defense to make sure your private information is safe at all costs.


While ExpressVPN is a heavyweight on the VPN market with a lot of great features, it’s not the best option for price, especially if you’re looking for a long term commitment.

While they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, there isn’t a significant discount for signing up for multiple years. For a one year plan, it’s $8.32 per month.

For one year, it’s $9.99 per month, and month to month will be $12.95.

Best VPNs for Android FAQs

Do I Need a VPN for My Android?

If you’re someone who travels or does a lot of online shopping, a best VPN for Android is just adding an extra layer of protection. It will also allow you to use the internet as you do at home, anywhere in the world.

Which Free VPN Is Best for Android?

All the VPNs on this list require a subscription and we think that’s the best way to get the most effective VPN. When it comes to protecting your data via best Android VPNs, short cuts aren’t suggested .

However, there are many free VPNs available, though they come with hidden costs.

Is Using a VPN Illegal?

VPNs are absolutely legal to use. Keep in mind, if you’re doing illegal stuff online, it’s still illegal, even with a VPN.

What’s Next?

You’ve heard what we feel are the best VPN Android options, but you might still be wondering is one is even needed for your internet activity.

If you’re new to VPNs and want to know more before choosing to download one, please check out some resources for beginners.

Now it’s time to choose! Once you have picked your Android VPN option, you’ll follow the steps on their website to download the app.

If you have any further questions about how exactly to get the VPN and use it on your Android device, there are also helpful tools for that.

To further protect your Android device, consider checking out our Best Antivirus for Android review.

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