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How to Watch US Netflix in Canada (Ultimate Guide)

Ludovic Rembert
Last Updated on March 21, 2022

Netflix Canada isn’t quite the on-par with the US yet. Still, it’s much better than years ago. There are plenty of great shows on Netflix Canada.In fact, Netflix Canada has the third-most number of shows available on Netflix in the world (5,500).

Find your favorites on both libraries – such as the likes of Narcos, Ozark and Stranger Things. That said, the US has more – they’re in second-place internationally, with two hundred more than Canada. And Japan has the most (at over 6,000).

⭐ To learn how to get around Netflix VPN block issues, scroll down to the the #1 VPN on our list, Surfshark (we have instructions there). 

🇺🇸 US Netflix vs. Netflix CA: Why Is There a Difference? 🇨🇦

Netflix is the largest video streaming service in the world, and although it first launched in the United States, it now sells subscriptions to customers on all the major continents.

But not all Netflix accounts function in the same way. Due to copyright legislation and other licensing restrictions, Netflix streaming content is tied to specific regions and countries. That means that different parts of the world have access to different Netflix catalogs.

For example, customers in Canada may be able to stream certain new release movies, while those titles show as unavailable in other parts of the world. Also keep in mind that the Netflix catalog changes on a regular basis, with movies and television shows being added and removed quite often.

Some Netflix users may assume that the currency they sign up with will determine what library access they have. With Netflix, this is not the case. You can sign up for the streaming service and pay your subscription fee with American dollars (USD), but your catalog access is purely determined by where you are physically located.

So if your computer and smart TV are both connected to a wi-fi network in Canada, then you will have access to the Canadian catalog by default. But if you take your tablet or smartphone on vacation to England and connect to the internet there, then your Netflix access will switch to the UK catalog.

Obviously there are advantages to being able to choose which regional Netflix catalog you are using. The American library is one of the largest when it comes to popular Hollywood movies and TV shows. Fortunately, there are some ways to connect to American Netflix while located in Canada, and you can discover them below.

TL;DR: Watching US Netflix in Canada

Need a quick answer you could take action on right now? Get the best VPN. (French: Meilleur VPN)

It’s the simplest solution you could employ, and one that gives you the best chances of getting your Netflix programming. It’s a quick 5-minute set up to get yourself protected and anonymized. You’ll enjoy your Netflix in a matter of a few minutes.

Why Watch US Netflix in Canada? 📺

What Are the Best Netflix Shows Canada Has? 🇨🇦

Watching US Netflix in Canada has become so popular that Canadians are canceling their subscriptions to Netflix Canada.

It’s not only that people want to watch American Netflix in Canada. Everyone all over the world does. Sure, there are great shows on Netflix Canada.

But US Netflix is killing it at the moment. Despite the US and Canada only being hours away from each other, some of the best shows ever created are ONLY available through American Netflix.

More TV-Shows (Netflix USA Vs Canada #1 🆚)

Most of the shows that you can find on American Netflix can also be found on Canadian Netflix. But there are some very popular classics that are completely missing, such as Frasier, Cheers, and cult-classics like Californication – to name three.

More Movies (Netflix USA Vs Canada #2 🥊)

If you want to watch US Netflix in Canada, the big movies releases are probably why.

You can get most of Netflix Originals on both Netflix Canada and Netflix America. But you many are resorting to US Netflix in Canada because there are some very important items missing, e.g. the most recent version of Star Wars is only on US Netflix.

Cheaper (Netflix USA Vs Canada #3 🐱‍👤)

Get out the popcorn. That’s right… Even though there are more options available on the US version of Netflix, Netflix charges Canadians two-three loonies more on each tier.

Pricing probably isn’t the main reason people are deciding to watch American Netflix in Canada. but when you add it all up, it looks like an obvious decision.

We Have a Winner – Here’s Why 📚

The laws vary in Canada and the United States regarding movie distribution rights.

Netflix has to make deals with each country individually. It’s also difficult for Netflix to get movie rights to shows already streaming, e.g. Hulu.

How to get US Netflix in Canada (5 Methods) 🖥️

The BEST way to unblock Netflix is to use a VPN. But there are others. Five Ways:

  1. With a VPN
  2. With a DNS
  3. Using a Chrome Extension
  4. On Android (uses one of the first 3 methods)
  5. On your TV (uses one of the first 3 methods)

How to Get American Netflix in Canada for FREE

(Be Careful With This Free Method!) To pay nothing, use this method: DotVPN Chrome Extension for free. We recommend full VPNs for streaming. Still, try this one, if security is not a major issue.

That said, onto the first method –>

1. Watching US Netflix in Canada Using a VPN

The most common method for connecting to the American Netflix catalog from a computer in Canada is with a virtual private network (VPN) client.

A great VPN not only functions as a secure network channel that encrypts all of your data as it passes through your internet service provider, but it also masks your IP address’ geographical location and makes it appear as if you are accessing Netflix from within the borders of the country that you want Netflix from, thereby unlocking the content available only in that country.

diagram of netflix with vpn

With a VPN enabled on your computer, tablet, or smart TV, the device will use a masked IP address that points directly to the server where the VPN service lives. If the VPN server is located within the borders of the United States, it will hide your IP address and register as an American one and Netflix will display the desired library contents.

When searching the web, you’ll find a range of good free VPN solutions. Although the free options may be tempting, be aware that due to the amount of traffic they attract, you will likely experience slow speeds and drops in connectivity. A paid VPN will offer better stability and consistent access to the American Netflix catalog.

Setting Up a VPN on a Device

These days, VPN clients are available for computers (both Windows and Mac) and mobile devices (including iOS and Android). The VPN provider that you choose will give you specific instructions for how to install and configure the VPN connection from your device.

Different VPN providers may use different forms of transmission protocols. The most common ones used today are PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol), and OpenVPN. OpenVPN is considered to be the safest to use, as it offers additional layers of security.

In most cases, you can either install a separate application to run the VPN client, or else set up a manual VPN profile through the device’s network settings menu.

If you need to perform the manual setup, simply look for the place to enter the VPN server address and then fill in your username and password. These should match the credentials that you selected when subscribing to the VPN service.

The VPN client will need to be run each time you want to access the United States catalog on Netflix. If your VPN connection fails during the middle of a stream, the content will likely stop and you will see an error from Netflix.

Setting Up a VPN on a Router

If you want to access American Netflix on a smart TV or on multiple devices in the home, you may want to consider setting up a VPN connection on your wi-fi router from service providers like Surfshark or NordVPN to make the setup more user-friendly.

The advantage behind this is that you only have to perform a single configuration and then your entire network will be routed through the encrypted channel with an IP address from the US.

vpn in the router

Depending on the model and manufacturer of your wi-fi router, you may be able to set up a VPN connection without any additional hardware. To start, consult the router’s documentation and find out whether it supports VPN configurations. Then log in to the device’s firmware menu and enter the VPN server address and account information.

If your router is not VPN-compatible and you’re interested, check out the best VPN routers for Canadians.

Every time your router requires a restart, be sure to log in to the hardware’s system menu and double check that the VPN connection is still functioning as desired.

#1 NordVPN – Fastest Netflix VPN Around 💨

  • HIGHEST Security
  • Fast Netflix Speeds 
  • Use Split Tunneling
  • VERY Compatible (All Devices)
  • Anytime 24/7 Support (Chat)
  • Automated Servers 
  • 30-Days Refunds


  • 256-AES Security
  • FAST Servers!
  • LOADS of Servers


  • iTunes Refund Issues
  • Teeny Bit of Monitoring
  • Pricier

Jet-Setter 🏃🏽‍♀️

Because they over 5,000 servers in over 60 countries, NordVPN is a supreme choice if you want a heavyweight provider who can get you the fastest speeds possible.

These guys have an average of 3.2% speed drops. Unheard of numbers. (PrivacyCanada full NordVPN review, for more).

They have way over 300 servers in Canada alone. And a lot more in America, allowing you to find the optimal one for watching US Netflix in Canada.

We love that the servers are physical rather than being virtual. When you see this many servers, usually you are dealing with virtual servers.

Excellent For Netflix 📺

If you want to watch American Netflix in Canada, NordVPN will get you there. Once you have the VPN active, it will start to run in the background.

This will hide information to do with your computer, such as the IP address. Netflix will not be able to block you, allowing you to even create an American Netflix account.

You can also use this for other streaming sites, like Hulu and BBC iPlayer. You get what you see… Connect 6 devices. A very good family-choice, or one for a person with lots of gadgets lying around. Compatibility is also fantastic.

Adware & Malware Blockers 🌐

Comes with an in-built quality adware blocker, reducing the chances of your computer being infected by the sort of trojans that hackers use.

This also takes care of malwares lying inside of websites and installs. You won’t be tracked. This can be simply activated in the General tab, which is inside the Settings dashboard. Finally, this comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. A no-risk investment.

#2 Surfshark – The Best VPN for Netflix 📡

  • Unlimited Netflix Devices (Whole Family)
  • TOP Security
  • Use Split Tunnels
  • Kill-Switches
  • Completely Private
  • Anytime Support (Chat)


  • MAJOR Stream Success (HBO, BBC, etc)
  • Great Price (Cheapest on this list)
  • More Than a Thousand Servers


  • NordVPN is Faster
  • NordVPN Has More Servers
  • Not Great for China

Bypass Netflix VPN Block in FOUR Steps 🇺🇸

You may have heard of a Netflix VPN ban. That isn’t quite true, but if you’ve heard about Netflix blocking proxies … that’s closer to the mark.

Many Canadians are trying to get around Netflix VPN block issues. What this means is some VPNs cannot access Netflix’s libraries.

Simply use a VPN from our list (Surfshark of one of the other three, below):

  1. Choose a VPN. Our #1 choice is Surfshark or NordVPN.
  2. Set it Up. Do this on the devices that you want to watch American Netflix in Canada on.
  3. Choose a US Server. It might take you checking out a few servers before you find one that can effectively unblock US Netflix

Get popcorn. Time to enjoy!

Best VPN For Streaming Canada 📺

This tool is optimized for online streaming. This provider will have no problem. To bypass Netflix’s blocks, just choose a US server.

They’ve even advertised themselves as Netflix specialists. Just make sure you have a good connection and you’ll be able to get high-definition shows smoothly.

The best thing about this is that you can use an unlimited amount of devices. One account can provide for a whole family, or for as many devices as you own.

Compatibilities are great, so you can use this on tablets, phones, as well as your laptop or desktop computer, regardless of your OS.

Cheap 📉

Despite the fact that they are world-class, in terms of security and overall Netflix geoblocking capabilities, there are always lots of great deals available.

We’ve linked to their plans. The two-year contract is usually the best value. And you get a 30-day money-back policy. If you want to pay using cryptocurrency or PayPal, both options are available, as well as the typical payment methods.

Nice Speeds

The speeds here are not the best on this list. But Surfshark holds up well. You only get minimum speed-drops, though something like NordVPN will give you a faster performance.

As long as you already have a good internet connection, high-definition will be easy. There are three server locations in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver – if you want ever to use a Canadian IP address.

Other than that, there are dozens of American server locations. If you are unable to find a server effective at unblocking Netflix, for some reason, talk to the friendly customer support in the live chat. They are available 24/7.

#3 VyprVPN – Business-Choice 👩‍💼

  • Excellent Security (Business-Level)
  • Great For Netflix (+ HBO Go/Others)
  • Business Features
  • 6 Netflix Devices (Whole Family)
  • 30 Day Refunds
  • Anytime 24/7 Support (Chat)


  • Biz-Ready
  • Good Server Number
  • Unique Biz Features


  • Average Speeds
  • Virtual Server Use
  • Pricey

Bypasses Netflix Blocks 🐱‍👤

Vypr VPN cracks open all of the most popular streaming sites. Get access to Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime – just to name a few.

Even though this VPN uses a lot of virtual servers, many of them are located in the US, so this is optimal for creating an American Netflix account.

In terms of the overall speeds, Vypr VPN is somewhere in the middle of the list. Not the fastest, but not the slowest either. (PrivacyCanada VyprVPN review, for more).

Unique/ Powerful Cloud Business Features ☁️

There are some pretty good deals on the two-year plan package. It’s particularly good as you are looking to potentially upgrade to business features some time in the future.

That said, you have to pay quite a bit more to get a dedicated IP address. You can use this as your company’s address. You will also get access to a dedicated server.

The business feature is very unique. If you want to get more security and more speed with your VPN, this could be the best choice for your business. (Perhaps, also if you are using a business device, like a work computer).

#4 CyberGhost – Torrenting Perks 🌊

  • Top Security
  • Torrent Servers
  • Completely Private
  • Use Split Tunnels
  • 7 Netflix Connections (While Family)
  • Anytime Support (Chat)


  • Lovely User Interface
  • Torrenting SPECIALIST
  • No Logging!


  • Costs More
  • No-Spy Servers Limited
  • Poor for China

Unblocks Netflix EVERY TIME 🎥

How to get around Netflix VPN block problems? Just download Cyberghost. Last but not least, this is VPN that will give you no problem – when it comes to Netflix blocking proxies.

(PrivacyCanada full CyberGhost review).

The user interface is super-easy, so you don’t need technical know-how. There are all of these handy streamlining features (see the Pinpoing Feature, below).

Get access to geoblocked streams. Minimal speed-drops. High-def viewing. You’ll have no issues getting into US Netflix, and probably none with the likes of Japanese Netflix too (which has the most extreme number of shows).

FAST Server Features 📍

Okay, PrivacyCanada loves this aspect the most. Servers are optimized to automatically connect you to the best one possible – matching to your location.

In other words, it will find the closest US server to you. Location is an important factor when it comes to minimizing speed drops. The closer the server is, the lower the latency.

This saves you a heck of a lot of time. No need to worry about doing the geographical calculations, when activating your VPN.

Torrenting Perks 🏄‍♀️

If you want to do Peer-to-Peer downloading, you get a double-whammy, with this VPN. There is absolutely nothing like this out there, on the VPN Market. (Believe us, we know).

It’s very unique in having servers that are specialized for torrenting you with the fastest speeds available. And the user-interface is extremely user-friendly.

Most importantly, Cyberghost is extremely good at keeping you anonymous, while torrenting. And the same goes for when you are watching American Netflix in Canada.

LOVED By Users 📛

These guys get very high ratings from customer-review sites like Trustpilot. This lets you know what the public thinks about the VPN.

Privacy Canada likes – a lot…

4 Other Methods to Watch US Netflix in Canada 📼

Method #2 – Watch US Netflix using a DNS 🎛️

All computers and networked devices use the Domain Name System (DNS) to route traffic around the internet between clients and servers. With a DNS proxy, you can change where your own data is routed without having to add a separate VPN to your network.

The only way to use a DNS proxy to watch Netflix content from other regions is to purchase a mobile or desktop application that supports such a feature. These tools will reroute your web traffic to the country of your choice and provide you with an IP address that corresponds to that region.

As with the VPN solution, a DNS proxy will likely slow down your overall network performance, since all internet traffic has to go through the extra step of connecting to a remote region. You might even encounter a Netflix proxy error.

If you are unsatisfied with the speeds you receive, consider disabling the VPN or DNS proxy anytime that you do not need to use American Netflix.

How to DNS Proxies Exactly Work?

VPNs do the same thing as DNS servers… A DNS server gives your device an American IP address. Netflix sees this IP address and determines that you are an American.

You will, therefore, be allowed to create an American Netflix account and watch American Netflix in Canada. Many DNS services have popped up over the years.

If you get a good DNS service, you can watch Netflix without cable television. Netflix will not know your identity. And they don’t have policies banning people for using a DNS…

In order to watch American Netflix in Canada using a DNS:
  1. Set Up A Netflix Account
  2. Find a DNS Service that Works with Netflix (We Recommend Smart DNS)
  3. Use it to Alter Your Internet Settings
  4. Restart your Internet Connection
  5. Now, You Can Log into American Netflix!

Method #3 – Watch US Netflix in Canada using the Chrome Extension 💻

Simple. While the Chrome Extension does not offer the generalized security and anonymity that a VPN does, it can get you access to American Netflix.

Do this in 3 simple steps:

  1. Open your Browser, Delete Cookies and Then Close the Browser Again
  2. Reopen it and Install the DotVPN Google Chrome Extension (Use This Link)
  3. Now, You Will Be Able to Access the American Netflix in Canada

⭐ While you can get American Netflix in Canada free of charge, with this, understand that you will not get nearly as much protection as with a true VPN. It’s essentially a “lite” version⭐

Method #4 – Watch American Netflix on an Android Device 📲

watching netflix on android

Alright, so there are plenty of good shows on Netflix Canada. Sure – but you want the best shows possible. And probably some cult-classics.

The fourth method is no different from method #1. Essentially, you’ll be using one of the VPNs on that list. Each will be usable on ANY Android device (or iOS for that matter).

To watch American Netflix in Canada on your Android phone or tablet, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Go Through the VPNs On Our List (in the number one method step in this guide (or click here to choose one of our top two recommended VPNs – either Surfshark or NordVPN)
  2. Create a VPN Account with Your Chosen VPN
  3. From There … you’ll Be Able to Download the Surfshark/NordVPN App (for your Android device)
  4. Once You Activate the VPN App, You Will Be Able to Access the American Version of Netflix (the Android app)
  5. Get the Popcorn Ready

Chromecast will enable you to “cast” (broadcast) content that is available on your computer, right onto your television screen. Just grab one of the VPNs on our list and download onto your computer.

If your device is not compatible with Chromecast, purchase a HDMI adapter that you can directly plug into your TV s video input.

Watch American Netflix in Canada from the comfort of your living-room television, which may be a superior option than to use your laptop. We recommend either NordVPN or Surfshark.

But, before we move on from this section, the most amazing shows Netflix Canada has are endless in quantity. Here are a few, by category:

Best Shows Netflix Canada (TV)
  • Heartland
  • Vikings
  • Anne
  • Van Helsing
  • Murdoch Mysteries
  • Burden of Truth
  • Travellers
  • Frontier
Best Shows Netflix Canada (Movies)
  • A Quiet Place (2018)
  • The Irishman (2019)
  • Get Out (2017)
  • Roma (2018)
  • Mission Impossible Fallout (2018)
  • Citizen Kane (2019)
  • The Godfather (1972)
Best Shows Netflix Canada Doesn’t Have
  • Dexter
  • Frasier
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Parenthood
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Cheers … to name a few! (Which is the reason for this guide. The same goes for movies).

Watching US Netflix in Canada: FAQ 🙋

1 VPN Provider Recommended by PrivacyCanada: Surfshark

So, Surfshark gives you the best mix of price, speed and security.

VyprVPN is the cheapest on this list, but you don’t quite get as good value-for-money.

If you also want to do torrenting, Cyberghost is unbeatable.

And if you particularly want to stream in 4k high-definition and are worried about your internet connection speed, then you should definitely opt for NordVPN.

How Can I Tell Whether I am getting American Netflix from Canada?

It might seem strange that Netflix does not make it absolutely clear when you are using specific country libraries. But there are good workarounds that take a few seconds to use.

Type in a show that shouldn’t exist in Netflix Canada, such as 30 Rock or Cheers. if you see it pop-up, then you know you are in the American region Netflix version. Those shows should be exclusive to US Netflix.

To double-check that you are definitely on the US Netflix site, scroll up to the section above ☝️ – two hops up from this section – labeled Best Shows Netflix Canada Doesn’t Have.

Why Get a VPN for Watching American Netflix? 🇺🇸

Seeing as Netflix blocking proxies is a thing, why bother using this method at all? A VPN makes you secure and invisible when online.

You can get a 2-year contract with a world-class provider for next-to-nothing.

Information about your IP, your location and even credit card information becomes less easily available. Use Netflix anonymously and securely.

How About a FREE VPN for American Netflix in Canada?

There are a ton of free VPNs circulating around on Android stores. Don’t get tricked… In this case, it is a very bad idea to go with one. (We’ll spare you the dire statistics).

Check out the link above to hear a bit more about why free VPNs suck so bad. Essentially, these VPNs do the opposite of protecting your personal devices and confidential data.

Not only do these apps sell off your information to third-party sources (many of these are Chinese companies), they sometimes contain malware that can hack your information and retrieve important items, like credit card data.

Every VPN on a list is extremely affordable. In the end, you will end up losing more than you gain, by going with a free version (Vypr actually offers a completely free trial, though). Each VPN on this list costs you less than a double-double.

Do DNS Services Still Work?

Surfshark has a ton of servers in lots of countries, especially the US. Even though Netflix blocking proxies is a real thing, a good DNS service will get through this. (It’s what they do).

There has been a little bit of a misconception that American Netflix is not available in Canada anymore. This is completely not true.

All of the methods in this guide will mask your IP address from Netflix. If they are unable to see your IP address, they cannot triangulate your country location. You will also be surfing using an American IP address, which they will assume is your real IP.

You can either use a Smart DNS or a VPN provider (or the Chrome Extension). Each of these fully support American Netflix. You’ll be able to access previously geo-blocked content, whether on Windows or Mac platforms.

What Budget VPN Do You Recommend for Netflix?

You actually get the cheapest plans with Vypr (though all those on the list are closely-priced). On top of that, Vypr has advanced business features that may be useful to you if you were wanting one.

The main problem with them is that they have a lot of virtual service. It might sound cool, but what this means is that you may be told the location is in one part of the world – really, it might be somewhere completely different.

Surfshark has over a thousand servers. These are in over 60 countries around the world. And all of them are, thankfully, physical servers. This saves some hassle.

You can use as many connections – at one time – as you like. And you will have a very accurate idea of the location of your server, so that you can pinpoint one near you in the US.

This makes it more likely that you’re going to get a better Netflix streaming experience, where you can stream 4K high-definition without having to deal with the buffer symbol.

Should I Use a SmartDNS or Budget VPN?

When you buy a VPN, you get a crap-ton of security. You can use these in a wide -range of circumstances.

For example, let’s say that you want to use “split tunneling.” You can torrent using your VPN. But the split-tunneling feature will enable you to access an online service that requires you to reveal your IP address.

Banking systems like PayPal usually require you to reveal your IP address while using their services. Split-tunneling allows you to use your ISP’s bandwidth for 1 activity, and your VPN for another (perhaps, running in the background).

There is also an incredible amount of compatibility available. VPNs like Surfshark allow you to use one account on many devices: tablets, mobile phones, and laptops.

This is the reason why VPNs are becoming so incredibly popular. People need more security and privacy, when online. Cybercriminals have a much harder time hacking you. VPNs allow your flexibility in an all-purpose way.

Is a VPN Legal to Use in Canada?

Another misconception about VPNs is that they are somehow illegal. Currently, the online world is reorganizing itself and figuring out how to best manage content.

But there are no laws that make it illegal for you to use a VPN to access geo-blocked content. Using a VPN in Canada is totally legal. You can even use it to create accounts in other countries

Netflix doesn’t promote the use of VPNs, as the waters surrounding this topic are a tad murky. But they will not ban you for using a VPN to access libraries that are not in your location. This is not illegal under the Copyright Act. Go for it!

So, Is It Illegal to Watch American Netflix in Canada?

There are no laws under the Copyright Act that make it illegal to watch or stream content that is not in your geolocation – via a VPN.

To be fair, Netflix does not exactly promote the use of VPNs to access this content. It’s a tricky situation but this is definitely not a crime.

As long as you don’t start selling recorded versions of the shows you watch, in your local market, you’ll be completely fine.

(Have a look at this guide that talks about the best VPNs to use with Netflix – if you want a VPN-focused guide that does not include the other DNS methods.

Why Are VPNs SO Cheap?

Because the market is healthy. Time-and-time-again, we state that privacy needs to be balanced prudence. While it is possible that you could use some of the best malware scanners, to scan a free VPN available on Android stores, the risk isn’t really worth it.

Keep those antivirus software as security systems for your various devices. Just stay clear of free VPNs (the top ones all offer money-backs anyway). The encryption levels on free versions are usually also terrible.

You have good reason to pay. Because the market is so competitive and healthy, prices for VPNs are at an all-time low. This is a great time to purchase a long contract, so you don’t have to think about your security for a long time.

Summary: A VPN is the #1 Choice for Unblocking Netflix 💯

Once you pop, you can’t stop. Getting started is the hard part. After you start using a VPN, you’ll wonder why you didn’t sooner: use it on your android/iOS devices and on your TV.  VPNs give you safety from the increasing levels of cybercrime online. The extra benefit is being able to stream your favorite video services.

There are other ways of cracking Netflix. A Smart DNS provider offers the same unblocking services… But it does not have the other features that a VPN does.

And the Google Chrome extension is a possible free alternative, but – again – lacks the security features of a VPN.

  1. NordVPN has the best speeds on the list
  2. Surfshark has the best overall value and is a beast at Netflix too.

Let’s Hear Your Comments 💬

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