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Vipre Antivirus Review 2024

In today’s world where everything is digitized, antivirus software is more important than ever. But choosing the right software to protect your computers and other devices can be complicated and time-consuming. So, in this Vipre antivirus review, we’ll cover all that it has to offer you to help you decide if Vipre antivirus is the best choice for you.

Vipre Antivirus Quick Summary

Having been around for over 25 years, Vipre is known for its simplicity and offering you real-time protection against snooping and data theft as well as web camera and microphone protection, so you remain completely safe from any online threats. If you are unsure, you can opt for its free trial version for 30 days to check all the features in detail and see if this antivirus fits your requirements and expectations.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Spam filter & Firewall
  • Lots of attractive features
  • Many customizable options
  • Subscription covers five devices
  • System performance not affected
  • Both for home and business security


  • Reasonably priced
  • Data breach scanner
  • Ad and tracker blocking
  • The top-tier plan includes a VPN
  • Reliable protection from malware and viruses
  • Free 30-day trial & money-back guarantee


  • No application for iOS
  • Support could be better
  • Weak ransomware protection
  • Significant price jump after the initial year

Vipre Antivirus Review

Founded in 1994, Vipre was initially owned by Sunbelt Software. But, in 2010, the company was acquired by GI Software before being sold to US-based J2 Global in 2018, which also produces brands like StrongVPN, IPVanish, and

Vipre offers almost all the essential features that most users need to stay safe online. While it lacks features like a performance optimizer, system cleanup tools, and a password manager, Vipre’s features are easy to use.

Let’s take a closer look at some of our favourite Vipre features:

Scanning files, running programs, registry, cookies and more

You can scan files and applications for hidden malware and viruses with a few clicks. Vipre’s scanning feature is highly customizable. Several options are offered to you including Full Scans, Quick Scans, Running Programs Scans, Windows Registry Scans, Cookies Scans, Rootkit Scans, and Archived & Compressed File Scans.

Malware & Ransomware protection

If you are looking for protection against the most common types of malware including viruses, trojans, and rootkits, Vipre is a good choice for you. The program immediately puts the malware it detects into the quarantine folder, where you can see the type and threat level. Vipre has a 99% detection score, and it deletes all malicious software without leaving a trace. It also helps protect you from ransomware attacks where an attacker locks your computer and its data and demands money to unlock them.

Vipre constantly communicates with an online virus database to ensure that its threat listings are continually updated.

Advanced Active protection

This is a real-time protection feature, the core of any antivirus application. Here, Vipre is constantly running in the background, detecting the threats before they can make their way to your device.

Additional features offered include Edge Protection, which stops exploits and other threats from infecting your PC through a browser, and web filtering, which blocks the websites that Vipre deems dangerous. You can also list the domain names that you believe to be safe.

Web protection against malicious sites

With this feature, Vipre protects its users from web threats, including malicious websites and drive-by malware downloads. This antivirus blocks access to harmful websites by comparing the URLs you visit with those blacklisted on the online database of Vipre. It further allows you to whitelist websites that you deem safe and suggests sharing the blocked websites across social media so that other people are safe too.

Email protection to prevent phishing

The software detects emails that have viruses, protecting you against any phishing attacks and preventing spam. This feature can mainly be of use for those who use Outlook, as you can manually add email addresses that you want to mark as spam.

Firewall intrusion detection and process protection

Vipre has a built-in firewall that protects against network attacks. You can also use this antivirus software instead of your Windows firewall. The antivirus software provider has a complete set of firewall-related features, with many of them turned off by default. So, if you want the full firewall effect, be sure to adjust its settings by clicking Manage, then Firewall, and turn on Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Process Protection. Vipre further gives you a lot of room for customization, such as managing your network, logging firewall events, creating exception rules, and more.

Privacy Shield

Vipre antivirus software’s Privacy Shield feature consists of several tools, including Login credential removal, which, as the name suggests, finds and removes unsecured login credentials. Personal profile protection detects unsecured personal details like address, phone number, credit card information, and other sensitive data. Under this feature, your web browsing activity logs are also removed. Other tools include a local document scanner, webcam & microphone blocker, and dark web scanner.

Adblocking & anti-tracking are available as an extension to your web browser. When you visit a website, it stops your internet activity tracking and blocks the advertisements.


Vipre’s Internet Shield is a VPN that allows you to stay anonymous online. It has unlimited browsing data and offers you a wide range of server locations, more than 80 in over 50 countries, to choose from. It doesn’t store user data and unblocks popular streaming services like Netflix.

Vipre has a zero-logging policy which means the company doesn’t track or store your browsing data. Moreover, it works across all popular operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and provides coverage for up to 10 devices.

In addition, Vipre’s VPN removes ISP throttling, preventing your internet service provider (ISP) from intentionally slowing down your internet speed.

Auto-patch updates

Vipre’s auto-patch feature makes sure third-party software is always updated. The aim is to ensure that your essential apps are up to date so that you don’t have to worry about it. The antivirus program runs a scan every other day and applies any patches that it finds.

You can find this feature on the Updates section of the Manage page, where you can change the frequency of checks or launch an on-demand scan for apps that need patches, or have it ask for your permission first before installing updates.

File Eraser

Using this feature, you can permanently delete unwanted files from your computer. This may sound simple, but some malicious files and viruses make this harder than it seems. Keep in mind that once a file or folder is deleted, it cannot be restored and is gone forever.

Vipre Antivirus Pricing and Plans

Vipre Antivirus comes in three different subscription plans:

Antivirus Plus

This is the most basic plan and will cost you $14.99 a year. This, however, is a heavily discounted rate, and once your first year is over, the five device subscription automatically renews at $54.99.

You get malware, spyware, and ransomware detection and removal, real-time scans to ensure apps and files are safe, cloud-enabled for the fastest protection, and automatic updates.

Advanced Security

The first year will cost you $23.99, after which the 5 device subscription will automatically renew at $74.99. This plan covers all the features of the Antivirus Plus plan along with third-party patching that keeps all your apps up-to-date, protection against Phishing and Spam email exploits, a firewall to prevent unauthorized network connections, and advanced behavioral analysis. All of these added features, however, are Windows only.

Ultimate Security Bundle

At $39.99 for the first year, this is the most expensive plan that will cost you $139.99 after automatic renewal. In this plan, you get all the features of Antivirus Plus and Advanced Security tiers along with bonus features. It includes a browsing track cleaner to eliminate your browser records, a webcam and microphone blocker to stop snoopers, and a Dark Web scanner that monitors potential identity theft and fraud.

Besides these features, it also offers sensitive document auditing that flags files with security issues and unlimited VPN for all devices to encrypt your web traffic.

All of these plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee which means you can try them risk-free, and if you don’t find them good enough for your needs, you can always ask for a refund. There is also the option to increase the number of devices covered to either three, five, or ten devices.

Android Security

In addition, Vipre antivirus offers yet another plan but this time for your phone which starts at $9.99. Vipre offers one, three, five, or ten device subscriptions for one-time fees instead of just individual subscriptions for one device.

Features offered in this plan include malware Scanner, web protection, account privacy, smart unlock, anti-theft, autopilot, fingerprint sensor support, and snap photo.

Vipre Antivirus Protection and Performance

It isn’t easy to find security software that does not severely impact your system performance. But Vipre actually does very well when it comes to not affecting the speed of your device. Using this antivirus software leads to an average of 3% slowdown which you are not likely to notice.

Vipre is a pretty great and safe tool for you to protect your computer or other devices against malware, viruses, and other online attacks. Not to mention you get a bunch of security features like a firewall and spam filtering and a VPN that’s capable of unblocking popular streaming services like Netflix.

Vipre Ease of Use

With the key features of Vipre spread across three applications, it may sound complicated, but installing and using it is easy. Vipre provides a detailed instruction plan for downloading and running the installer when you purchase the program.

Installation of Vipre’s antivirus software would take about 10 to 20 minutes, which is slower than other applications but is expected since you have to install three separate applications. Another reason for its slow installation time is that it includes a download of current threats and an automatic initial scan of your computer.

The application is pretty easy to use with simple accessible features. Right from its main dashboard, you can start a basic scan and schedule automatic scans for later at a time that works best for you.

Using other features is just as user-friendly. You can run on and off the web protection with a click while application patching happens automatically. Its Privacy Shield and Internet Shield are very intuitive too. Vipre has all the features organized into tabs and provides clear instructions on how to use each of them.

If you want to use the tracking blocker, you first have to install a browser extension, but of course, there are instructions provided for that too. When using the VPN, all you need to do is choose a server and click the Connect button once it is installed. You also have the option to choose between OpenVPN or IKEv2 protocols.

When it comes to its mobile app, the Android app has extra features like Theft prevention, App Lock, Autopilot, and an email breach checker. Those are in addition to the mobile malware scanner, web protection, and privacy protections. While there is no iOS application, you can use Vipre Antivirus on your iPhone or iPad. But this is applicable only if you have a Business subscription and still there’s no dedicated app for that. You can, however, install Vipre’s VPN on both Android and iOS devices free of charge if you are a Vipre Ultimate Security user.

Overall, Vipre is pretty easy to use with some great practical customization choices.

Vipre Customer Support

Vipre has several customer support options available for you to reach out to them, including email and phone. The phone support is for users in the US and Canada, available Monday to Friday 9 am–9 pm Eastern Time (EST), as well in some European countries like the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands.

By visiting its online help center, you can get basic questions answered. The support center can be accessed from the application by clicking on Account. However, the automated bot will only recommend pre-made articles and guides from the comprehensive knowledge base that contains a wide range of pages. If you don’t get the answers you need, you can create a ticket by filling out a form and the company promises to reply within 24 hours.

There is no live chat support. Overall, the company could provide better customer support to make Vipre antivirus worth every dollar.

Final Word – Vipre Antivirus Review

Vipre is a pretty decent antivirus software that caters to both individuals and businesses. It offers you good malware and internet security protection. However its ransomware protection needs to be improved to compete with the best antiviruses on the market. Additionally, you won’t get features like device optimization tools, a password manager, or parental controls in Vipre’s plans. But it does offer an excellent VPN and bonus features like personal profile protection and a local document scanner.

Overall, Vipre is reliable, simple, affordable, and easy to use and provides strong malware protection. You can try its risk-free trial using the 30-day money-back guarantee to decide if it’s the best choice for you.


Is Vipre antivirus safe?

Yes. Vipre is a credible antivirus tool that detects malware on your computer, including viruses, rootkits, and other threats, and removes them. Just make sure that you download the Vipre antivirus application from its official site to avoid any risks. Vipre also offers you bonus features like a firewall and spam filtering. So, if you are looking for essential virus protection, you can try Vipre antivirus risk-free for 30 days.

How much does Vipre antivirus cost?

The cheapest Vipre Antivirus plans are three types: the Antivirus Plus will cost you about $14.99, Advanced Security $23.99, and Ultimate Security Bundle for $39.99 for five devices. But this is for the first year. Afterwards, the prices would jump to $54.99, $74.99, and $139.99 respectively. The prices further increase or decrease depending on the support for the number of devices. You can also try it risk-free for 30 days using a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is Vipre antivirus a good choice for Canadians?

Vipre antivirus is a good and affordable option for Canadians looking for active and real-time malware protection with automatic updates and ransomware protection. It is easy to set up and use for beginners. From real-time scanning, VPN, microphone and webcam security, automated patch notification for third party applications, email scanning with spam protection, a Firewall with outgoing protection rules, to tracking and phishing protection, Vipre has a ton of features that makes it a worthwhile antivirus software.

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