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Ludovic Rembert
Last Updated on January 1, 2024 Joins

As of December 2020, will merge with The teams behind the two will from now on collaborate closely in order to bring you the latest information, tips, and tricks on how to protect your privacy in the online world.

The common objective these two teams had in mind while considering the merge was to help people in Canada (and beyond) understand that our entire life online is being watched, thus making our private information exposed.

With the current raging pandemic, as well as the everpresent issues of inequality and discrimination, it’s more important than ever to protect your online privacy and avoid having your information abused by cybercriminals for both political and other purposes. 

Again, the goal of teaming up is to further spread awareness of online security issues, while helping people take charge of their privacy and anonymity.

About Strong Password Generator

Staying safe online starts with strong passwords. 

Strong Password Generator is a tool that generates a password for you in just a click or two. You can use its predefined settings or opt to customize your password – the length, whether it will include uppercase, lowercase, symbols, etc. 

Strong Password Generator does not send new passwords across the Internet. The tool uses JavaScript to generate new passwords right here in your browser.

Advancing Together

With our crew expanded and invigorated by team members, Privacy Canada will continue to publish online privacy and security support guides.

To begin with, check out the original Strong Password Generator tool.

Next, if you’re interested in expanding your knowledge on the topic, please have a look at our piece about password management and its importance. Also, check out our overview of the best password managers in 2020.

The Privacy Canada & Strong Password Generator teams

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