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Frontpoint Security Review

Ludovic Rembert
Last Updated on March 29, 2022

Even in a nice neighborhood, it pays to be cautious these days. Crime rates in many areas are on the rise, and this includes places that used to be all-but-immune to burglaries and other property crimes.

Although research suggests that overall crime rates are lower now than they were in the 1980s and 1990s, trends suggest that these rates are now on the rise again.

This makes it imperative for homeowners to consider how they can prevent themselves from becoming the victim of a crime.

One of the smartest things that you can do to protect your family is to buy a home security system. However, how can you know whether or not you’re getting the best home security system?

Crime statistics

Dozens of options are out there, and sorting through all of them would require an excessive amount of time. That’s why we’ve conducted a thorough review of some of the most highly recommended home security providers out there.

Through our efforts, we’ve learned that Frontpoint Home Security offers some of the best protection available. With a wide range of packages, you’ll be able to choose the best home security camera and all of the other components that are essential for protecting your family.

Interested to know more? Let’s get to it then.

Frontpoint Security System

Frontpoint has built a reputation as being a reliable purveyor of home security systems. Known for being incredibly user friendly, the Frontpoint wireless system is state of the art. Moreover, the company is considered to provide customer support that is the best in the industry.

If you are in the market for a security system that provides DIY setup, the option to automate your home and an alert system for fires and environmental disasters, then Frontpoint may be an excellent choice for you.


  • DIY installation with no need to schedule an appointment
  • A completely wireless package
  • Best-in-class customer support
  • Ability to receive alerts via a mobile device
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on new packages
  • Ability to add interior and exterior security cameras
  • Protection against environmental disasters
  • Potential for automating much of your home


  • Credit check required, which may mean you have to pay more
  • No short-term contracts available

Frontpoint Security System Features

Getting started with Frontpoint is easy. All you have to do is order the right package of devices from the Frontpoint website. You can install the whole thing yourself in about half an hour, and you’ll find that the protection that you receive is comprehensive.

Frontpoint products

If you are ordering a Frontpoint security system, you’ll find plenty of options from which to choose. You can get a control panel that is tamper-proof, the option for remote-controlled lighting and even video surveillance equipped with night vision. With one of these security systems, you may feel like you’ve been catapulted into the future.

Frontpoint deserves its reputation as a top home security company. This is evident in the equipment and the services that they provide. Three monitoring plan options are available as well as several pre-packaged sets of security equipment. If one of the pre-packaged sets doesn’t precisely meet your needs, you’re free to add additional equipment as needed.

A Frontpoint security system does more than just protect your home from intruders. Inside the packages, you’ll find protection against fires and floods. Plus, the two more deluxe plans have plenty of options for automating your home.

The feature-rich control panel is able to connect with motion detectors, entryway sensors, environmental monitors, glass break sensors and panic buttons. It’s also in contact with home security cameras, and you further can connect it to your smart thermostat. If you really want guaranteed protection, opt for a control panel that has Smash & Crash protection. This added layer of security alerts the monitoring company if someone attempts to tamper with the control panel.

The control panels that are offered by Frontpoint include a central hub and a keypad. With a built-in WiFi backup, the hub is all-but fool-proof. Plus, if it gets damaged during a break-in, the alarm automatically signals the monitoring center.

General Electric is a recognized and trusted brand name all over the world, and that’s the company that makes most of the equipment that’s offered by Frontpoint. Accordingly, it may be possible to buy equipment from Frontpoint and then hire another company for monitoring services. It’s just one more way that Frontpoint Home Security System guarantees you a remarkable amount of flexibility.

One of the main features of any Frontpoint system is that it is completely operated without the use of landlines. Accordingly, if you haven’t embraced cell phone technology, then a Frontpoint security system isn’t for you. Similarly, those who live in secluded rural areas where cell phone reception is chancy are unlikely to be able to use Frontpoint.

The cellular monitoring truly is a desirable feature. It works even if wired telephone lines go down and even if a burglar cuts your phone lines. Even the Internet isn’t required to use Frontpoint, except in case of the optional security cameras. When the power goes out, your security system will still function thanks to battery-powered sensors, a backup battery, and your cell signal.

If you want video surveillance, then you can’t go wrong with Frontpoint. The company sells high-resolution cameras that are suitable for indoor and outdoor security monitoring. Live streaming to a mobile device is possible, and cloud storage is available. Additionally, Frontpoint’s top-of-the-line motion sensors send still images to your monitoring company and the local police.

Frontpoint also goes beyond offering your home better security. Environmental monitoring in the form of carbon monoxide sensors, leak or flood sensors and smoke and heat sensors all mean added layers of protection for your family. Individuals with serious health concerns will want to add a panic button or pendant to their package so that they can receive immediate emergency medical care.

As more homeowners move toward automating their properties, Frontpoint stands ready to provide the necessary assistance. With their services and equipment, it is possible to automate heating and cooling as well as lighting in your home. However, this is not a complete home automation system. You’ll need to purchase third-party Z-wave products like thermostats, garage door openers and doorbell cameras to accomplish this. Frontpoint only offers smart lock and light bulb technology.

Frontpoint Packages

When looking at Frontpoint home security, you’ll quickly discover that they offer several equipment packages in addition to three home monitoring plans. Being familiar with all of the packages and plans will enable you to make a purchase decision that grants your family the best possible level of protection.

Safe Home Everyday

This is the entry-level Frontpoint home security package. Costing just $99, it’s a fairly economical introduction to the world of home security.

Safe Home Everyday Package
  • The Frontpoint Hub and keypad
  • Three window or door sensors
  • Two motion sensors
  • One yard sign
  • One set of five window decals
  • One door sticker

If you bought the items in this package one piece at a time, you’d pay more than $500 for it with a three-year contract. Clearly, purchasing a package saves you money, and you can always personalize this or any other package with additional devices.

Safe Home Plus

Still priced at $99, this nine-piece system is designed with the pet owner in mind. You can relax in the knowledge that your furry or feathered friends are safe even when you’re not at home with this Frontpoint security system.

  • The Frontpoint hub and keypad
  • Three window or door sensors
  • Two glass break sensors
  • One yard sign
  • One set of five window decals
  • One door sticker

You would have to spend nearly $550 to separately purchase the various components of this package. The glass break sensors along with window and door sensors provide excellent peace of mind for homeowners.

Safe Home Select

A 12-piece package that costs just over $200, this is a remarkable deal for people who are concerned about safety. This Frontpoint home security package includes everything you need to protect your home from intruders and includes environmental monitoring.

Safe Home Select Package
  • The Frontpoint Hub and keypad
  • Four window or door sensors
  • Two motion sensors
  • One glass break sensor
  • One heat and smoke sensor
  • One yard sign
  • One set of five window decals
  • One door sticker

The most notable additions to this package over the less expensive options are the inclusion of motion sensors and glass break sensors as well as a heat and smoke sensor. The highly sensitive heat and smoke sensor provides comprehensive protection against fires.

Safe Home Preferred

A 14-piece package that costs approximately $335, this package is the most affordable one for people who want a surveillance camera.

Safe Home Preferred Package
  • The Frontpoint Hub and keypad
  • Five window or door sensors
  • Two motion sensors
  • One glass break sensor
  • One heat and smoke sensor
  • One indoor camera
  • One yard sign
  • One set of five window decals
  • One door sticker

This package includes everything that comes with the less expensive plans but also includes one indoor camera. It uses high-resolution technology to capture detailed video of areas both large and small. Incredibly flexible, it is simple to integrate these cameras with other smart home technology.

Safe Home Elite

This is the most advanced Frontpoint home security system. Consisting of 18 pieces and costing approximately $830, this package is designed for people with large properties and many security concerns.

Safe Home Elite Package
  • The Frontpoint Hub and keypad
  • Six window or door sensors
  • Two motion sensors
  • Two glass break sensors
  • One heat and smoke sensor
  • One indoor camera
  • One outdoor camera
  • One doorbell camera
  • One yard sign
  • One set of five window decals
  • One door sticker

This is the package that really has it all. If you want to use Frontpoint cameras, then this is a perfect choice since it has both indoor and outdoor models included. This means that you can keep an eye on the interior and exterior of your home at the same time.

The other really enticing addition to this package is the doorbell camera. This may be the best security camera that you ever buy. It has a live feed so that you’re able to see and hear whoever is at your door at any time. Two-way audio makes it possible to converse with your visitor. Even if the visitor doesn’t push the bell, a motion sensor lets you know about activity in the vicinity of the door. With infrared night vision, you’ll be able to see who’s at the door even in the darkness.

Monitoring Plans

frontpoint monitoring plans

All of the fantastic Frontpoint security system devices won’t do you any good unless you have a service monitoring them for you. Fortunately, Frontpoint makes this easy for you by providing three levels of monitoring services.Protection Plan

Priced at $34.99 per month, this is a solid, basic monitoring plan. A three-year contract is required, but you’ll have a 30-day period in which to make your final decision before you’re locked in.

  • Unique key codes for users
  • Completely expandable and portable system
  • Automated system checks
  • 24/7 monitoring by security professionals
  • Completely cellular and wireless protection

Interactive Plan

Also requiring a three-year contract, the Interactive Plan is priced at $44.99 per month. In addition to the features included with the Protection Plan, this mid-level plan further includes:

  • Crash and Smash protection for the hub and keyboard
  • Sensor history
  • Access and control via remote
  • Mobile notifications and alerts delivered via text and email
  • Geo-location capabilities

Ultimate Plan

Priced at $49.99 per month, this plan has it all in a three-year package. It includes all features of the Protection and Interactive Plans plus much more.

  • -Smart lock control
  • -Light control
  • -Enabled for night vision
  • -Alerts for motion triggers
  • -History for images and videos


Frontpoint cameras are available for purchase by themselves. The company recommends at least two cameras for the average home, with larger properties requiring three or more cameras.

Currently, Frontpoint offers a doorbell camera, an indoor camera, a premium indoor camera and an outdoor camera. These may be purchased, and then the consumer may add a self-monitoring plan for $14.99 per month.

For this price, the customer may include an unlimited number of cameras and locations. Additionally, they enjoy unlimited storage duration for as many as 1,000 video clips. With two-way audio, the ability to receive customized mobile notifications and video monitoring detection, this can be a sufficient package for the DIY homeowner who doesn’t have serious security concerns.

Hardware Add-ons

A Frontpoint Home Security System can be customized any way you like with a variety of add-ons. Possible add-ons include additional window and door sensors, glass break sensors and smoke and heat sensors. Additionally, customers may choose to purchase a garage door tilt sensor, motion sensors, carbon monoxide sensors and flood sensors.

Home automation add-ons include LED light bulbs that can be controlled remotely as well as a wireless light control. The garage door controller may be integrated with an existing garage door opener. One of Frontpoint’s newest innovations is their touchscreen door lock. Features include a fingerprint-resistant screen and remote keyless entry. Use the Frontpoint app to lock and unlock the front door whenever necessary.

Frontpoint further offers a keychain remote, additional window stickers and yard signs and a panic pendant for medical emergencies.

Customer Support

This is one of the areas in which this organization excels. The website contains numerous resources that users will find helpful. These include FAQs, user guides, videos and guides regarding the basics of home security.

If you need additional help, you can contact customer support using an 800 number. Users suggest that the assistance provided by these operators is prompt, polite and helpful. They are available seven days per week between approximately 8:00 am and 11:00 pm. Emergency monitoring services are provided 24/7.

It’s difficult to beat Frontpoint from a customer service standpoint. They seem to make everything logical and simple, which is important when your family’s safety is on the line.

The Home Security Rationale

A home security system such as a Frontpoint wireless system is a crucial consideration for any property owner in this era. This is because burglaries are an incredibly common occurrence in countries like Canada.

While the above chart indicates that Canada’s rate of burglaries is nowhere near what occurs in Denmark, it’s still not a particularly impressive number. This makes it essential to use Frontpoint or another security provider to make your home a safer place to live.

When you have the best home security system, you’ll sleep easier at night. That’s because you’ll know that your family and your property are protected by a system of interconnected sensors and cameras. Plus, your security system is advertised in your yard and on your windows. Studies suggest that this genuinely deters burglars from targeting your home.

Plenty of other considerations may move you to check out Frontpoint to see what kind of protection they can offer your home. This may include monitoring for a fire, lowering premiums on homeowner’s insurance, the ability to remotely monitor your home for signs of intrusion and protecting children and pets when they are home alone. A really good home security system from Frontpoint can even help you to realize your dreams for home automation.

What Is a Home Security System?

The object of a Frontpoint automated system or any other security system is to secure the entry points of the property. These systems also may be designed to protect interior sections of the home that contain valuable items like jewelry, art, guns and collections.

Like other such systems, a Frontpoint Security System involves a complex network of interconnected devices and components. The main component typically is the control panel. This is the device that controls the overall system. Generally, this is where the homeowner will enter their security code. The system also may be turned off and on via the control panel.

Other components include window and door sensors that detect the opening and closing of these portals. Motion sensors may be placed both inside and outside the home, and either wired or wireless security cameras frequently are included in the system. Many home security service providers include a high-decibel alarm system in addition to a sign for the yard and stickers for the windows.

How Does a Home Security System Work?

The sensors and cameras placed around the property communicate with the control panel to provide an alert whenever the system is breached. With the control panel, the homeowner has the ability to arm or disarm the system. It is the control panel that sounds the alarm when a breach occurs in a security zone, and it also communicates with the alarm monitoring company.

Door and window sensors are among the most basic components of a Frontpoint system and the systems that are installed by competitors. Each sensor consists of two parts that are adjacently installed. For instance, one part of the sensor is mounted on the door itself while the other is installed on the door frame. When the door is closed, the two parts of the sensor are brought into alignment, creating a complete security circuit.

As long as those two parts remain in the same position, they report to the control panel that the door is closed and all is well. If the door is opened, the security circuit breaks. This triggers the control panel to emit an alarm because a security breach has occurred.

Frontpoint and other security companies also may recommend the installation of motion sensors. This is particularly true in larger homes or houses that contain valuable collections. Motion sensors essentially create an invisible barrier around a certain area in the home. If the barrier is breached, an alarm will sound.

Most home security providers include surveillance cameras in their offerings. These cameras may be wired to the control panel, but wireless configurations are becoming increasingly common. Surveillance cameras make it possible for you to see all over your property without having to go outdoors. You can take a glance into the backyard, see who’s outside the front door and determine whether or not there’s an intruder in the living room without leaving your current location.

The uninitiated may not consider the security system yard sign and window stickers anything more than a marketing ploy, but the reality is much more serious and effective. Such measures immediately put would-be burglars on notice that your home is protected by a security system. This makes them far more likely to seek easier prey that doesn’t have security measures in place.


Q: Is Frontpoint better than ADT?

A: Frontpoint is the generally preferred provider for home security despite ADT arguably being the more recognizable name. Simply put, Frontpoint is less expensive in terms of equipment and monthly monitoring. Moreover, they tend to be more reliable when it comes to the equipment and services that they provide.

ADT has more monitoring centers, which does provide a nice level of redundancy for emergency services. However, the company also contracts with numerous providers, making it impossible to predict what equipment you’ll receive or how much it is likely to cost.

Frontpoint keeps things much more straightforward. There’s no guessing involved, and while they may not have as many customer service centers, those that they do have are incredibly well run. In our book, Frontpoint comes out way ahead of ADT.

Q: Can home security systems be hacked?

A: Just like any other computerized device that operates on a network, home security systems can be hacked. You can protect your PC by using a reliable VPN and AES encryption. When it comes to home security, it pays to choose a security-conscious provider like Frontpoint home security that encrypts all of your data. When you also use secure passwords, protect your router with a password and limit the number of devices that can be connected to your home security system, you give yourself an added layer of safety.

Q: Does Frontpoint use WIFI?

A: It is possible to integrate a Frontpoint home security system with your personal WiFi network. However, this is not necessary to home security functions as all of the required communication components are built into the equipment. If you are using the company’s video monitoring services, you will require a broadband connection.

Q: Can you get Frontpoint anywhere in the world?

A: Frontpoint is available anywhere that you can receive a cell signal. As this is a wireless system, a cell signal is a necessity. The only places where this company’s services are not available are secluded, rural areas that do not have cell phone service. Frontpoint can ship their equipment anywhere in the world.

Final Thoughts

A Frontpoint Home Security System is an excellent choice for homeowners across Canada. Just as you would want to protect your passwords with a top password manager, it is imminently sensible to protect your property with a reliable home security system.

While we tend to focus on better methods for hiding your IP address, we also recognize how critical the physical safety of your family is. That’s why we underwent an exhaustive process to discover the best home security system. We’re genuinely excited about the results and confident about recommending Frontpoint Home Security to our readers.

Give them a chance, and we think that you will quickly discover that a Frontpoint wireless system is vastly superior to the competition, especially if you’ve been using an outdated system from another provider. It’s definitely time to step up to Frontpoint’s more innovative devices, completely wireless network and outstanding customer support.

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