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Vivint Security Review (2022)

Ludovic Rembert
Last Updated on March 29, 2022
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Vivint is one of many home security systems available in Canada.

But among a handful of great choices, how do we decide which system to choose?

Incorporating a home security system into your family’s life is one of the most important aspects of protecting what you hold dear to your heart.

When outfitting your home with a security system, you don’t want to have to make sacrifices.

A home security system should fit into your life rather than the other way around. Some security systems outfit your home with ugly and bulky equipment that looks like it’s from 1985.

No one wants this sitting on their wall. When home security systems cost they do, there should be no sacrifice in the aesthetics department.

We want home security systems that include automation as the Jetsons had. Luckily, services like Vivint incorporate automation, sleek hardware, and high-tech security all in one.


Vivint not only offers the highest quality home security systems on the market but they also offer a handful of other key benefits.

Once you get to the point of incorporating a home security system as high-tech as Vivint, you might as well incorporate automation.

With Vivint’s full suite of features, hardware, and monitoring it cements itself as a top option for people looking for full smart home technology.

If you’re just looking for basic smart home functionality without monitoring or just basic monitoring, it is best to look elsewhere. Our best home security system list goes over the best options for different types of people.

Features, Plans, and Pricing

The way most home security systems in Canada price their services are by separating monthly monitoring costs from equipment costs. On top of that, most security companies will also have a separate cost sheet for a la carte solutions, like adding another motion sensor. Vivint is no different.

Below we have separated the various costs that would be associated with using Vivint. One thing to keep in mind is that Vivint installs everything for you and this comes with a fee. On the low end of the plans, the fee is $49.99 and on the premium side, you will see an installation fee for $199.99.


When it comes to monitoring, Vivint offers three plans. Each plan offers unique benefits and the more you pay, the more you get.

Why is monitoring important?
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Home monitoring is the best way to protect your home. Vivint’s monitoring service is 24/7, which means the company will have your back all day every day. Certified technicians are there around the clock to check out your home’s systems if any suspicious activity occurs.

If a threat is found then the monitoring service immediately contacts the authorities. This enables a worry-free mentality around security as a professional will handle everything when it comes to protecting your family.

With the monitoring system, you will also be alerted at any time if anything is happening with your home. The main function of a monitoring service is to provide help when it is needed.


  • Smart Protect ($29.99 per month) – This is the most basic home protection Vivint offers. While it is the lowest tier it can protect your family from basic dangers. It includes fire, theft, and carbon monoxide poisoning protection. It also offers the SkyControl Panel and the Vivint app along with customized security equipment options.
  • Smart Protect and Control ($39.99 per month) – The middle-tier plan includes the same features as the Smart Protect plan but also offers more control and automation features. Video monitoring is a massive aspect of home security and this plan offers that with indoor HD night vision cameras and outdoor surveillance camera functionality. Other features include thermostat control and smart door locks. The app will also allow you to turn on the lights or arm the security system.
vivint security cam app
  • Smart Complete ($49.99 per month) – With the most premium option you will have the ability to use video surveillance along with local storage for videos and clips. The Smart Complete plan is necessary if more customization is needed as well.

Equipment Bundle Costs

Vivint offers four equipment bundles straight out of the box that may fit your family perfectly. If you need added functionality, you can easily add more sensors or other equipment to your plan separately. More information about that will be below in the a la carte equipment section.

All monthly cost options are centered around a five-year plan, which comes out to 60 months. Vivint does offer month to month pricing but it is comes with higher prices and requires that a customer buy the equipment outright. We recommend going with a long-term plan.

Home Security System Bundle Video Security Bundle Smart Home Control Bundle Smart Complete Bundle
Equipment Offered Touch screen control panel, two smart sensors, motion sensor, and smoke detector Touch screen control panel, two smart sensors, motion sensor, doorbell camera, outdoor camera, and ping camera Touch screen control panel, two smart sensors, motion sensor, element thermostat, smart door lock, and smart garage controllerTouch screen control panel, two smart sensors, motion sensor, doorbell camera, outdoor camera, ping camera, element thermostat, smart door lock, and smart garage controller
Total Cost $710$1380$1050$1780
Monthly Cost$11.83$23$17.50$29.83

As you can see not everything is covered in these bundles and certain houses are much bigger than others so more sensors might be required. That is where the a la carte equipment comes into play.

A La Carte Equipment Costs

Any of this equipment can be paired with one of Vivint’s bundles. They have a lot of fun toys and it would be extremely easy to rack up a large bill when going through and choosing what you would like for your home security system. Each piece of equipment can be added into monthly billing or paid up front. Monthly billing is calculated for a five-year plan.


Vivint only offers one control center with their service. Luckily, the panel works extremely well and will fit aesthetically in any house except for one painted in all black. The white and sleek control panel can control every aspect of your home automation and security.

Equipment Offered Total Cost Monthly Cost
SkyControl Panel$399.99$6.67

Vivint offers a variety of sensors. With only a few coming standard in the various bundles, it is almost a foregone conclusion that you will have to add a few. Luckily, as far as costs go, Vivint sensors are relatively cheap and adding one will only add on another dollar or so per month to your plan. Vivint offers futuristic sensors such as infrared motion sensors, glass break sensors, and flood sensors.


Equipment Offered Total Cost Monthly Cost
Door/Window Contact Sensor$34.99$0.58
Recessed Door Contact Sensor$34.99$0.58
Wireless Door Tilt Sensor$34.99$0.58
Wireless Glass Break Sensor$69.99$1.17
Garage Door Controller and Sensor$99.99$1.67
Wireless Smoke Detector$69.99$1.17
FireFighter Smoke Alarm Detector$69.99$1.17
Flood/Temp Home Disaster Sensors$69.99$1.17
Passive Infrared Motion Sensor$69.99$1.17
Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector$69.99$1.17

The home security service has three different remotes, each one offering a different type of functionality.


Equipment Offered Total Cost Monthly Cost
4 Button Key Fob Remote$34.99$0.58
Panic Button$34.99$0.58
Garage Door Controller$99.99$1.67


Opting for a Vivint Smart Drive allows you to store video. This can come in handy when wanting to rewatch tape indoors and outdoors.

Equipment Offered Total Cost Monthly Cost
4 Button Key Fob Remote$34.99$0.58
Panic Button$34.99$0.58
Garage Door Controller$99.99$1.67


While Vivint only offers three types of quality home security cameras, each one fulfills a purpose and are high quality. Having a doorbell camera maximizes security and fully makes your house “smart”. It is easy to check who is at your door without having to actually go answer it.

vivint dorbell camera
Equipment Offered Total Cost Monthly Cost
Vivint Smart Drive$249.99$4.17


The great thing about a smart lock is you can decide when it unlocks and locks. You can also unlock it from your phone.

Equipment Offered Total Cost Monthly Cost
Ping Indoor 1080p Wi-Fi Security Camera$199.99$3.33
Outdoor 1080p Wi-Fi Security Camera$299.99$5
Vivint Doorbell Camera$229.99$3.83


Vivint offers two different types of thermostats depending on what your preference is. Saving money on heating and cooling is much easier with these smart thermostats. While this doesn’t have much to do with security it does have everything to do with home automation.

vivint thermostat app
Equipment Offered Total Cost Monthly Cost
Nest Thermostat$249.99$4.17
Element Thermostat$149.99$2.50

Pros – What We Love About Vivint


Automating everything from your phone is easy with Vivint. All you have to do is open the app and change a few settings around. Setting what time everything is supposed to be locked down and what temperature your house should be set to at certain times of the day is just a touch away.



For most home security companies, aesthetics are not high on the priority list. It is easy to tell that when all of Vivint’s hardware was designed, aesthetics were a chief concern. The great thing is that the sleek-looking hardware does not come at any cost of security.

Since Vivint’s entire system is wireless there is nothing to hide. In the picture above is the glass break sensor and it looks awesome and futuristic. The only time this would stick out is if you have a dark shade of paint on your walls. Even then, the pure white hardware can offer striking contrast. Vivint’s hardware stands out as beautiful even when compared to other modern equipment.

Same Day

Imagine coming home to find your home has been broken into. You then realize you probably should have a security system. As the window company comes out to replace your window, you decide that you should get a security system installed immediately.

Most companies won’t be able to do that. One of the best things about Vivint is that they will send out a professional installer the same day you purchase the system.

Professional Installation

Some people would rather install their security systems themselves. Other home security companies allow you to do that. Vivint wants to make sure everything is set up correctly so there are no problems in the future. The technicians that perform the installation work with you as the customer to make sure that everything is exactly where you want it and you know how it works.

Lifetime Warranty

Vivint offers a lifetime warranty on all of their hardware. That means that if any aspect of your home security system becomes defective, Vivint will either replace or repair whatever is not working. This also includes moving. If you move you have an option to move your Vivint system with you.

Futuristic Utility

Looking into a future like the Jetsons shows a far-off society with crazy technology. A lot of people expect to spontaneously be at that level of technology. To really look at where the future is taking us all you have to do is look at home automation.

With Vivint, you can adjust your temperature, turn on all of your lights, and check in on your family in the other room all from the little square you carry around in your pocket every day.

Cons – What Vivint Could Work On

No Money Back Guarantee

Most competitors offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Vivint just doesn’t. This can be a huge problem when most contracts are 60-months long. That is a long time to lock someone into something they can’t even test out.

No Self-Installation

Just like how some people would see professional installation as a positive, a lot of people would see no self-installation as a negative. Other popular security services allow for complete self-installation that is easy and only takes about an hour. Having to pay for professional installation when you feel like you can do it yourself could be quite annoying.


To start with Vivint you will be looking to pay around $40 per month. The cheapest price is already a good chunk of money. If you want to customize and add other hardware on to your plan then you could be looking at a large bill. Even with the bundles, you could be paying as high as $100 per month.


Vivint does allow a monthly contract but you have to pay for all the hardware when you start. This can turn into an extremely high up-front bill that most people can’t afford to pay. To actually receive a good deal you will have to lock yourself into a long-term contract. Five years is the standard contract with Vivint.


Is Vivint better than ADT?

We rank Vivint as our number two overall home security system whereas we rank ADT as our number three. Vivint is better for home automation and ADT can save you a few bucks comparatively.

How much does it cost to install Vivint?

Vivint’s installation fees vary but most people will pay $49.99. At most, the installation fee will be $200 for custom setups.

Does Vivint work with Alexa?

Yes, it does. Customers can directly connect their Amazon Echo to their Vivint Smart Home system. It only takes three steps.

Does Vivint work with Ring?

Vivint does not currently work with Ring. Vivint has its own doorbell camera called Vivint Doorbell Camera.

Is Vivint expensive?

It depends on what you label as expensive for home security. The lowest amount per month a customer can conceivably pay is $40 per month. On the high-end customers can pay over $100 per month. It all depends on what kind of monitoring and equipment someone would want.

Does Vivint work with Google Home?

Yes, it does. Customers can directly connect their Google Home to their Vivint Smart Home system.

What is Vivint Smart Drive?

Vivint Smart Drive acts as a storage device for camera footage. It can store an entire month of footage.

How much is the Vivint Doorbell Camera?

The Vivint Doorbell Camera is $199.

Who is Vivint For?

Vivint is for Canadians that want the most high-tech and smart capable home security system. They should also be willing to sign up for an extremely long contract and understand that the cost is not the lowest.

The upside is that you never have to worry about your home protection again. Vivint will have you completely covered.

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