TELUS SmartHome Security Review 2024

Best Comprehensive SmartHome Security System:

  • 24/7 professional monitoring (e.g. fire, break-ins)
  • High quality video camera with smart detection
  • Great smart devices including door locks, garage opener, plugs, lights, and thermostats
  • Sensors for doors, windows, and inside motion
  • Check, automate, and control all smart devices with the app and control panel provided


  • Professional monitoring for peace of mind
  • Convenient smart features
  • Easy all-in-one app
  • Many useful smart devices to choose
  • Integration with security and smart devices previously installed in home
  • Bundle with other TELUS services for extra savings


  • No Money-back guarantee
  • Requires 3 or 5 year contracts

TELUS SmartHome Security Review

After acquiring ADT’s Canadian operations in 2019, TELUS continues to establish themselves as the leading SmartHome Security choice for Canadians. It seems they are hoping to be the company for all your home services, offering fantastic bundle discounts as you group your mobile, internet, and other services all with TELUS.

Today we’ll review their SmartHome Security services which provide clear live video camera feeds, sensor data, 24/7 incident monitoring by professionals, and many convenient smart home devices that you can control with their easy to use TELUS SmartHome app.

Let’s first get into how easy it was to get setup!

Easy installation and integration with existing home devices

We easily set a morning time slot with the technician to come to our home for setup and installation. They came on time, assessed which devices we already had that could be integrated, and asked us what new devices we would like added.

Not quite sure of all the new options, like smart thermostats that can adjust your house temperature automatically based on daily schedules, live weather conditions, and various other needs, we listened to the technician explain the use of each. In the end, we got a camera installed at the front entrance, a smart light, room sensors, a smart lock for our front door, and a smoke detector that’s professionally monitored. They integrated our previous door and room sensors into the system.

Before leaving in the afternoon, the technician helped us set everything up on the control panel provided as well as via the TELUS SmartHome app on our phones. He tested all the features and showed us how to customize various smart device features. He was friendly, patient, well-informed, and professional. TELUS is doing a great job hiring quality technicians to come to your home.

Video Monitoring and Alerts are great

You can customize various video monitoring and alert settings making it much more useful than we expected:

  • Smart detection lets you trigger specific alerts based on if a vehicle, person, or animal is detected
  • Adjust the length of the live feed you want recorded surrounding a detection event
  • Omit unnecessary movement in video detection like cars driving in the background

Whether we were expecting guests, a package, or food delivery, the alerts came in handy in our day to day lives. Our phones would get alerts with the option to click and watch the live feed or see a clip of the recorded event. We even saw a few funny surprises like the neighborhood cats convening on our porch around midnight!

Responsive Professional Monitoring

In case there’s a break-in, fire, or flooding, TELUS provides 24/7 professional monitoring where they will first attempt to contact you. If you don’t respond, they will automatically send the appropriate authorities to your house to investigate. Break-ins will trigger all cameras to begin recording to gather as much evidence possible, including the camera on any control panels that were installed.

If you happen to trigger a false fire alarm (sorry about the burnt roast, mama!), make sure you have your phone nearby to answer when TELUS calls you. Otherwise, a fire truck will be sent your way and depending on regulations in your area, you may be charged for the services! However, if you answer the call from TELUS, the representative can bypass the alarm and even hit “snooze” on it for the next few hours while you finish cooking.

SmartHome Features that bring added convenience:

  • Being able to check and lock your doors using the app from anywhere
  • Setting the light in your entrance room to turn on automatically when you enter the house after sunset
  • Activate your home security system from bed without triggering any beeping sounds
  • Turn off any devices you have connected to your smart plugs

Great Customer Service

TELUS provides great customer service and 24/7 technical support via chat, phone, and online resources. They’re happy to help you get started or adjust any of your SmartHome security features. The chat connects you to a real agent and the online information includes fantastic videos that show you how to address many commonly asked questions. Wait times on the phone were less than 2 minutes for us and the agent was very helpful, guiding us exactly to where we needed to look and adjust our security settings.

Packages and Pricing

From basic protection to total protection, TELUS offers 4 main packages that you can customize based on what kind of devices and services you wish to receive:

Telus Smart Home Security Packages of 2023

All packages also include their Online Security platform powered by Norton, providing internet security and a great VPN service among other things for your home.

The monthly price per package depends on the length of your contract where a 5 year contract unlocks the best deals. Currently the promos include free installation and a free security kit bundle valued at roughly $1500.

Bundle with Mobile, Internet, and other services for bigger savings

Our household already used TELUS for mobile services so it was a simple choice for us to go with them for Home Security. The bundle made it the cheapest option for us that provided all the security and smart home features that we wanted.

If you’re also using TELUS for any of their services including landline, mobile, TV, internet or others, you can also save by bundling them together. The more you bundle the bigger the savings. Bundling all your TELUS home services has the added benefit of making it easier to manage your home bills under a single account, all while taking advantage of the savings.

TELUS SmartHome Security Verdict: Excellent Service!

The peace of mind and convenience that TELUS SmartHome security brought us is unparalleled. We never thought setting a house alarm or locking our house doors remotely from our smartphones would be a feature that we loved so much. I’ve gotten better at cooking, but I know now if there is any smoke detected in the house (even if we’re not home) that TELUS will be on it to keep our home safe!