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IPVanish Kill Switch App Review Canada (2024)

Maya Reynolds
Last Updated on June 7, 2024

Having previously examined IPVanish as a VPN solution, today, our focus shifts to a complementary tool—the IPVanish Kill Switch App. In this review, we’ll discuss its features and performance, offering an unbiased look at how it enhances security for Fire TV users. We’ll navigate the key aspects of the IPVanish Kill Switch App, providing a comprehensive overview of its functionality. We’ll also discuss whether it’s a worthwhile addition and who might benefit most from adding this tool into their online security toolkit. Let’s delve into our exploration of IPVanish’s latest addition in this review.

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Effective Privacy Enhancement
  • Ensures continuous privacy when VPN disconnects
  • Integrates seamlessly with IPVanish VPN
  • Maintains high-speed connections without compromising performance.
  • Users have the flexibility to toggle the Kill Switch on and off as needed
  • Separate Download Requirement
  • Only available as a companion app for Fire TV
  • Functionality relies on an active IPVanish VPN subscription
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How does the IPVanish Kill Switch work?

The IPVanish Kill Switch App operates by acting as a safeguard to maintain continuous privacy and security for users. When integrated with the IPVanish VPN, the Kill Switch App monitors the VPN connection. In the event that the IPVanish VPN connection is lost or disrupted for any reason, the Kill Switch App immediately takes action.

When the Kill Switch App senses a VPN disconnection, the Kill Switch App promptly terminates the internet connection on the Fire TV. This instantaneous cut-off prevents any data transfer without the protection provided by the IPVanish VPN. By cutting the internet connection during these moments, the Kill Switch ensures that users’ sensitive information remains hidden and secure, adding an extra layer of security to the overall online experience. Essentially, it acts as a fail-safe mechanism to mitigate the risks associated with VPN interruptions, maintaining a consistent level of privacy for users.

Benefits of the IPVanish Kill Switch

Immediate Response to VPN Disconnections. The Kill Switch app acts swiftly when detecting a VPN disconnection, ensuring that your internet connection is promptly cut off to prevent any potential data exposure.

Minimizing Data Leakage Risks: By cutting off internet connectivity during VPN disruptions, the Kill Switch significantly reduces the risk of data leakage. This approach safeguards your sensitive information until the VPN connection is re-established.

Continuous Monitoring of VPN Connection: The Kill Switch app diligently monitors the status of your VPN connection in real-time. Whether you’re streaming content, playing games, or browsing, it remains vigilant to any potential disruptions.

Seamless Integration with IPVanish VPN: For macOS, Android Mobile, and Windows users, the Kill Switch is seamlessly integrated into the IPVanish VPN. This integration ensures a smooth and automatic response to VPN disconnections without the need for manual intervention.

Paired with the IPVanish VPN, the Kill Switch app doesn’t compromise on connection speed. Users can enjoy the benefits of enhanced security without sacrificing the performance they expect from IPVanish.

Setting Up the IPVanish Kill Switch App on Various Devices

IPVanish supports the Kill Switch feature on macOS, Android Mobile, and Windows. It’s seamlessly integrated into the VPN for macOS, Android Mobile, and Windows devices, and is free. However, for Amazon FireTV, there’s a standalone Kill Switch app available for added security, which is also free of charge.

Turning on the IPVanish Kill Switch

Amazon FireTV:

  1. Download and install the IPVanish VPN Kill Switch app.
  2. Log in with your IPVanish credentials.
  3. The app integrates with your existing IPVanish VPN setup.
  4. Enable the Kill Switch within the app settings.
  5. Perform a test by briefly disabling your IPVanish VPN connection to ensure the Kill Switch is working effectively.


  1. Disconnect from IPVanish.
  2. Click the IPVanish icon in the menu bar.
  3. Open the app interface, go to Settings > Protocol, select OpenVPN, and activate the Kill Switch.


  1. Disconnect from IPVanish.
  2. Click the Settings Gear icon, navigate to the Connection tab, and toggle the Kill Switch switch. Optionally, block LAN traffic.

Android Mobile (Only on Android Mobile 8+):

  1. Ensure disconnection from IPVanish.
  2. In Settings, tap Android OS Kill Switch.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions to enable Always-on VPN and block connections without VPN.

Pricing for the IPVanishKill Switch App

In terms of pricing, the IPVanish Kill Switch App is available for use at no extra cost. However, it’s essential to note that access to this free feature is only available for those maintaining an active subscription to the IPVanish VPN. While the app itself is free of charge, users must be subscribed to the VPN service to use the Kill Switch App.

Final Verdict: Is the IPVanish Kill Switch App Essential?

In determining whether the IPVanish Kill Switch App is an essential addition to your security arsenal, the verdict leans towards yes for those with a FireTV. For macOS, Android Mobile, and Windows users, the integrated Kill Switch within the IPVanish VPN offers automatic protection against potential VPN disconnections.

This functionality works well for boosting privacy and is also complimentary, serving as an attractive proposition for budget-conscious individuals. Additionally, users can adopt this added protection without encountering any compromises in connection speed, thanks to the seamless and uninterrupted online experience ensured by the Kill Switch app. The IPVanish Kill Switch App proves itself a valuable asset for those looking to fortify online security without sacrificing performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the IPVanish Kill Switch App impact internet speed?

A: No, the IPVanish Kill Switch App is designed to operate seamlessly without compromising internet speed. Users can enjoy enhanced security without experiencing a slowdown in their online activities.

Q: Is the Kill Switch app necessary for all users?

A: The necessity of the Kill Switch app depends on the user’s device and preferences. For Amazon Fire TV users, the standalone Kill Switch App adds an extra layer of security during potential VPN disconnections. macOS, Android Mobile, and Windows users already benefit from an integrated Kill Switch within the IPVanish VPN.

Q: Can the IPVanish Kill Switch App be used with other VPNs?

A: The IPVanish Kill Switch App is specifically designed to work with the IPVanish VPN. While it seamlessly integrates with the IPVanish VPN for enhanced functionality, it does not operate with other VPN services.

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